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How to see what has changed in a pact

Most recent change

To see the most recent change to a pact (eg. to determine why a provider verification has failed):

  1. On your Broker homepage, click on the View Pact icon you want to diff ; click `view pact`

  2. On the Pact page, click on the on the right and visit View in API Browser (aka HAL Browser) ; visit `View in API Browser`

  3. On the API Browser page search for pb:diff-previous-distinct and click the Follow Link (green icon) ; search for `pb:diff-previous-distinct`

  4. You will see a resource describing the last changes that were made to the pact.

Two arbitrary pacts

  1. Get the version number of the Pact you want to compare:

    1. Go to the Matrix and click Pact Published the first ; click `Pact Published`

    2. On the API Browser page search for pb:pact-version and copy the value (a SHA hash) ; search for `pb:pact-version`

  2. Repeat for the pact you want to use as a base for the comparison but this time search for pb:diff ;

  3. Click the Query URI Template (green question mark) ; search for `pb:diff`

  4. Paste the first SHA you copied and click Follow URI to see the result. Query URI Template