A formal agreement between individuals or parties. "the country negotiated a trade pact with the US"
synonyms: agreement, protocol, deal, contract

What is Pact?

The Pact family of frameworks provide support for Consumer Driven Contracts testing.

Consumer Driven Contracts

A Contract is a collection of agreements between a client (Consumer) and an API (Provider) that describes the interactions that can take place between them.

Consumer Driven Contracts is a pattern that drives the development of the Provider from its Consumer's point of view. It is TDD for services.

Pact is a testing tool that helps you write Contracts, and guarantees those Contracts are satisfied.

Why do you want to use Pact

Confidence Faster turnaround Less Error Prone
Continuously evolve your codebase knowing that Pact will guarantee contracts are met. Find out before you deploy whether or not your applications will work together - no need to wait for slow e2e tests. Generation and verification of contracts are automatically managed by Pact.

I still need convincing.

Talks and Presentations

Check out this talk about Pact and the slides below from one of the Pact authors for an introduction.

For a JVM specific talk, Deploy with Confidence! was presented at the April meet-up of MelbJVM and at the June meet-up of Melbourne Microservices. Slides for the talk can be found here.

For a great explanation of consumer-driven contracts (and Pact!), check out this talk from Atlassian at their 2016 summit: Verifying Microservice Integrations with Contract Testing.

Hear how Soundcloud "Move Fast and Consumer-Driven-Contract-Testing Things" in their talk from MicroXchg 2017.


Introductory articles

Getting Help

You can get help on Pact from the following channels:

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