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Planned breaking changes in version 3.0

Naming changes

  • Rename pacticipant to application (large)
  • Rename failed to failure (small)

Remove deprecated/superseded/unnecessary functionality

  • Removal of deprecated relations without a pb (small)
  • Remove option to order by semantic version. (small)
  • Drop support for case-insensitive resource names (small)
  • Drop support for modifying contracts? (small)
  • Disallow modification of verification results (medium)
  • Drop support for proxy badge provider mode (small)
  • Remove redundant webhook creation endpoints (small)
  • Remove deprecated pact publication endpoints (small)
  • Remove deprecated JSON in pacticipants endpoint (small)
  • Many of the collection resources have both a _link and an _embedded - can we drop the _link?
  • Remove embedded latestVersion from pacticipant resource (small)

API improvements

  • Update all error responses to use problem+json (medium)
  • Make PUT/PATCH consistent for all resources (large)
  • Paginate all collection endpoints by default and add validation for pagination parameters (medium)
  • Come up with a consistent approach to naming the top level element in a collection resource (eg. domain label pacticipants or generic items) (medium)
  • Come up with a consistent approach for controlling the inclusion of embedded resources (medium)

Database changes

  • Make nullable foreign keys not nullable (For backwards compatiblity, all foreign keys added to existing tables need to be nullable, but for data integrity purposes, we want them to be not-nullable. Need a major version to make this change) (medium)
  • Drop any pretense of support for MySQL - delete all tests and references to MySQL.

Bug fixes/poor implementation choices that are breaking changes

  • Make the providerVersionBranch not allowed to be blank in PactsForVerificationJSONQuerySchema (small)
  • Do not allow blank values in matrix query - it makes it hard to tell if the user has intentionally submitted a blank value or if the client always sets a value (small)
  • Add pacticipant name to contract publish endpoint URL (small - but requires change to clients)
  • Make pacticipants embedded in integration decorator
  • Remove extra branches collection from matrix decorator (only need the branch versions).
  • Remove extra branches collection from version decorator.
  • Move buildUrl from version to pact publication and verification. (medium)
  • Prefix relations in webhook_execution_result_decorator.rb with pb:.


  • Do not allow array JSON request bodies (Beth can't remember why this is a thing now)