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v2.110.0 (2024-04-02)​


  • reduce contention when updating the contract_data_updated_at field for integrations (#671) (ff72d03c)

  • support consumer version selector for all branches (#667) (34334ca8)

  • clean

    • use postgres advisory locks to ensure only one process can run a clean at a time (#672) (637c25fa)

Bug Fixes​

  • use for_all_tag_heads instead of latest_by_consumer_tag when fetching wip by branch (14148a34)
  • optimise WIP pacts by using branch/tag heads (#668) (871209e1)
  • improve performance of WIP pacts by using branch heads instead of calculating latest pact for branch (f9705583)

v2.109.1 (2024-02-21)​

Bug Fixes​

  • improve performance for 'pacts for verification' queries (299a6abe)
  • correct spelling in message when pact is modified (ae62ae7a)

v2.109.0 (2024-02-01)​


  • use SemanticLogger for Padrino (#662) (5d9d7002)
  • improve performance of publication for very large pacts by calculating the content SHA only once per request (a947e409)

Bug Fixes​

  • pass in environment to environment policy when getting an individual environment (5c386a43)
  • Dockerfile to reduce vulnerabilities (#650) (9aaa3484)

v2.108.0 (2024-01-05)​


  • bulk delete branches (#652) (14ac33c8)

  • add latest version for branch endpoint (#644) (c216bec8)

  • add no-cache header (9a637327)

  • suppport page + size as pagination params (#642) (c71089fe)

  • do not include pb:record-deployment or pb:record-release relations for versions embedded in resources (2f43590c)

  • remove status from individual error in problem+error response (a4b3ec58)

  • add version_id indexes to deployed_versions and released_versions (00fc7d10)

  • add endpoint to list branches for a pacticipant (#638) (ff7e3a53)

  • stop running tests for ruby 2.7 (034aba3b)

  • update sinatra and rack-protection to ~> 3.0 (92ebbdd3)

  • add branch endpoint supporting GET and DELETE (#635) (1bb6088d)

  • optimise matrix by applying specified limit to pact publications before joining to verifications (c61c324e)

  • optimise matrix query when selectors with pacticipant names only are used (b98f5d1a)

  • include environment name in pact metadata (e120c4e7)

  • improve wording of 'no version exits' messaging in can-i-deploy response (9529c679)

  • improve performance of matrix when multiple selectors are specified (#631) (58a28604)

  • add pagination parameter validation for paginated endpoints. (#626) (abb0a1c6)

  • add endpoint to list pacticipant versions by branch (9b4e3f61)

  • add endpoint to return latest pact for consumer, provider and consumer branch (f77086ef)

  • update required ruby version from 2.2 to 2.7 (f1b1e906)

  • add pagination and filtering for integrations endpoint (68d7cf30)

  • add contract_data_updated_at to integrations table to speed up dashboard query (#617) (e43c10f2)

  • support setting feature toggles via individual environment variables (#609) (be7d9d52)

  • metrics

    • hardcode matrix count to -1 as calculating it causes performance issues and it has no meaning (62e121b8)
  • matrix

    • optimise identification of the 'latest tag' (824c516a)

Bug Fixes​

  • metrics

    • correct the query for pactRevisionsPerConsumerVersion (f76b9935)
  • fix performance issues due to contention in the integrations table when publishing a large number of contracts (> 20) per request, in parallel (#654) (321a2291)

  • raise 404 on paths with missing path segments (#648) (930b45cd)

  • do not error when no environment is found by name (d1501618)

  • ensure pact associations are eager loaded when finding a single pact (c98abda6)

  • gracefully handle validating an array when a hash is expected (b26ddb46)

  • fix error occuring when can-i-deploy badge is requested and no version is found (db7dee3a)

  • fix bug in error handling for 'can-i-deploy branch to environment' badge (c23beb6b)

  • improve performance of network diagram (#614) (ffd3ec4b)

  • fix error raised when attempting to log warning when webhook_redact_sensitive_data is set to false (9b66270e)

  • gracefully handle execution of webhooks that are deleted between execution attempts (#613) (1127b41f)

  • add extra validation to ensure parsed content is a hash when publishing pacts (913e0a52)

  • matrix

    • return only most recent row missing verification when latestby=cp (b7550e53)

v2.107.1 (2023-05-02)​

Bug Fixes​

  • add missing require in migration (6b540235)

v2.107.0 (2023-05-02)​

v2.107.0.beta.1 (2023-05-01)​


  • add index to webhook_executions pact_publication_id column (37d1a4cf)
  • update webmachine to support ruby 3 (9bb014e6)
  • upgrade dry-validation gem in preparation for ruby 3 upgrade (3b4b66bf)
  • restructure logs from DeleteOverwrittenData to match CleanIncremental (f11a9417)
  • add branch_heads_branch_version_id_index (b1b4cefb)

Bug Fixes​

  • pacts for verification

    • do not allow empty string for provider version branch when it is required for calculating WIP/pending pacts (412c4289)
  • fix error raised when clean selectors include a selector with a max age and a selector with a max age and a branch (53b171bd)

  • can-i-deploy

    • correct logic for detecting when only the pacticipant name has been specified for a selector (85bcdb35)

v2.106.0 (2023-01-31)​


  • add consumer_version_id index to latest_pact_publication_ids_for_consumer_versions (b75ca5ee)

  • improve the performance of the incremental clean queries (c3a07c79)

  • add index to provider_version_id column in latest_verification_id_for_pact_version_and_provider_version (0e1c43dd)

  • Pacticipant pagination (#585) (f1a9be20)

  • do not allow JSON request bodies that are not Objects or Arrays (3d917286)

  • add index for verification_id in pact_version_provider_tag_successful_verifications table (b82a773a)

  • monkey patch Webmachine render_error method to support problem+json (#584) (508f7ce2)

  • support problem+json for error messages (#583) (92957ebb)

  • add index to provider_version_id column in verifications table (aac33725)

  • clean

    • log automatically added selectors (135c1c0e)

Bug Fixes​

  • check that request body does not contain any invalid UTF-8 characters before JSON parsing (0a08d644)

  • versions

    • add missing next and previous relations to paginated response (3b46847e)
    • eager load associations for versions endpoint (2a57dc42)
  • ui

  • webhooks

    • correctly validate HTTP method when the given method is not a valid class name (6da5a4f3)

v2.105.0 (2022-10-19)​


  • update wording of version description for version in environment (d122fa68)

  • webhooks

    • allow auth headers to be logged for debugging purposes (#575) (102b1930)

Bug Fixes​

  • add validation to ensure an environment or to tag is specified for the /can-i-deploy endpoint (e9d772eb)

  • implement pending logic for provider branches (7cdf1a7c)

  • wip pacts

    • fix performance issue encountered when removing explicitly specified pacts from the list of potential WIP pacts (#573) (757f0301)

v2.104.0 (2022-09-17)​


  • ignore deleted webhooks when calculating the latest triggered webhook status (c3105dcb)

v2.103.0 (2022-09-14)​


  • allow rack protection use and except options to be configured (f44db585)

  • can-i-deploy

    • only warn about missing version numbers if there are no selectors with a version number (ac4e1e73)

Bug Fixes​

  • correctly identify database version when schema_migrations table is empty (dcb59203)

v2.102.2 (2022-07-14)​

Bug Fixes​

  • add blank? refinement for TrueClass and FalseClass (05bb3bed)

v2.102.1 (2022-07-08)​

Bug Fixes​

  • ensure blank? method is defined where used (b81b5e9b)

v2.102.0 (2022-07-07)​


  • default allow_dangerous_contract_modification to false for new installations (85a89951)

Bug Fixes​

  • add missing provider version branch parameter to webhook requests (262dae44)
  • clean up pacticipants with no names (0aff250d)
  • update string refinements with blank? and present? (8373f88f)
  • update validation for creating pacticipants to return a 400 when name is missing (fcb02aa6)

v2.101.0 (2022-06-07)​


  • recalculate the branch head if the deleted branch version was the latest for the branch (db51d4fe)
  • support deleting branch versions (removing a version from a branch) (661667b3)
  • improve error message when request has non UTF-8 characters (#559) (3addc0c8)

Bug Fixes​

  • add missing environment policy record for use when recording deployments (09bb02a6)
  • fix bug where pacticipant with blank name was being created instead of updating existing record (be24a8ad)
  • ensure pacticipant name is retained when updating with PUT (eeac47c3)

v2.100.0 (2022-05-20)​


  • check for potential duplicate pacticipants in publish contracts endpoint (#558) (ed714f03)

  • add support for "can i merge" matrix query (bb108ed2)

  • remove inefficient skynet query for tags (bdc2599c)

  • update text for matrix version description when no version is in an enviroment (3eb5581d)

  • pacts for verification

    • update wip and pending descriptions for wip pacts (b06d4477)
  • matrix

    • add support for selectors specified by branch and environment name when reporting that a version does not exist (07ff8044)

Bug Fixes​

  • matrix
    • identify the correct failed version when a selector resolves to multiple versions (11e7dc1c)

v2.99.0 (2022-05-13)​


  • remove disable_use_branch_heads_for_latest_branch_pacts feature toggle (5c6f1766)
  • remove new_wip_calculation feature toggle (add6cb08)
  • timeout long running pact content diff requests (#555) (88abb2cf)
  • change sql_log_level default from debug to none (9f7aed46)

Bug Fixes​

  • ui

    • fix unescaped pacticipant name and main branch in details and network pages (b8b1d306)
  • return a 400 when invalid JSON is used to create a version (9af2cfaf)

  • only log API requests/responses, not web assets, when http_debug_logging_enabled is true (1f232c08)

  • matrix

    • fix performance issue when querying matrix with one selector (3a08d128)
  • pacts for verification

    • return the pacts for the branch heads when using the branch selector (6dac495e)

v2.98.0 (2022-03-29)​


  • support debug logging of entire request and response (42eb4a17)

v2.97.0 (2022-03-29)​


  • webhook certificates
    • support setting webhook certificates using environment variables (82c7a7e5)

Bug Fixes​

  • do not set postgres connection driver options if database_statement_timeout is nil (adec4b00)

v2.96.0 (2022-03-21)​


  • print final value of configuration attribute rather than source value (9c0fd3c4)

Bug Fixes​

  • ensure database and basic auth credentials are not coerced to arrays if they contain commas (5bce7ce4)
  • allow lazy loading when finding individual pacts (04e03cb2)

v2.95.1 (2022-03-18)​

Bug Fixes​

  • can-i-deploy
    • allow new provider to be introduced to existing consumer without can-i-deploy having circular dependency issues (e43974ca)

v2.95.0 (2022-03-16)​


  • add relation for can-i-deploy branch to environment badge (6ece8e93)
  • add badge url for 'can I deploy latest version of branch to envionment' endpoint (086b8c10)

Bug Fixes​

  • pacts for verification
    • do not de-duplicate pacts with the same content but different consumers (ae3bb541)

v2.94.0 (2022-02-22)​


  • add can-i-deploy endpoint for checking if the latest version for a branch can be deployed to a particular environment (34b145e8)

  • truncate tags, branches and versions in UI when they are super long (#513) (94bbf915)

  • integration dashboard

    • add copy buttons next to the branch, tag and environment labels (5b86ac88)

Bug Fixes​

  • Improve Matrix request performance (#537) (123f8629)

  • Eagerly load pact publication fields (#536) (c3f6993b)

  • hal-browser

    • properties accordion should be collapsed by default (#544) (19466121)

v2.93.4 (2022-02-21)​

Bug Fixes​

  • matrix page

    • set correct base URL for links when a path is specified in the base URL (8305456b)
  • handle DateTimes that come back from Sqlite as Strings (1312a049)

v2.93.3 (2022-02-02)​

Bug Fixes​

  • ensure webhook_certificates setting is honoured in webhook (7933a526)

  • ensure disable_ssl_verification setting is honoured in webhook (08bc758c)

  • ensure webhook_certificates setting is honoured in webhook (8a720cdb)

  • ensure disable_ssl_verification setting is honoured in webhook (0728b3d7)

  • hal-browser

    • fixing vulnerability by upgrading HAL browser dependencies (a6b06f66)

v2.93.2 (2021-12-23)​

Bug Fixes​

  • Improve SortContent performance on large contracts (#538) (1914c01f)

v2.93.1 (2021-12-21)​

Bug Fixes​

  • optimise query for calculating the latest overall pacts (f44aaa70)

v2.93.0 (2021-12-07)​


  • remove feature flag for new_wip_calculations (972ceadd)
  • call the database clean within a transaction (408c84ef)

Bug Fixes​

  • fix clean performance fix (#530) (6c71e57b)
  • fix performance issue loading latest version for pacticipant (c575d132)

v2.92.0 (2021-11-27)​


  • allow SQL caller logging to be enabled (861d8f21)
  • use a separate table to track the successful verifications of pact versions for each provider version tag (feature toggled with "new_wip_calculation") (df0acfa3)

Bug Fixes​

  • cleanup

    • Improve delete orphans SQL query (#527) (853354ea)

v2.91.0 (2021-11-15)​


  • add environments to matrix response (fd50f22c)
  • remove feature toggle around change to return the pact for the latest tagged version, rather than the latest pact that has a version with the tag (fac3fc8a)

Bug Fixes​

  • load images from the correct path when the Pact Broker application is run from a non root context (a268ef25)

v2.90.0 (2021-11-12)​


  • do not let clean task delete currently deployed or currently released+supported versions (b05f0b67)
  • allow webhook certificates to be configured in the pact_broker.yml file (7c60c955)

Bug Fixes​

  • handle conflict check for pacts where the interactions are missing in one or the other (71844f0f)

  • fix error that occurs in some versions of Sqlite when running 20210702_drop_unused_columns_from_deployed_versions.rb (0daa4459)

  • correct logic when redacting database URL without a password (30d66cf7)

  • set resolved environment for environment selectors (f02474b7)

  • deps

v2.89.1 (2021-10-28)​

Bug Fixes​

  • clean

    • honour max_age when set in clean selector (828420d4)
  • null safe navigation in case a branch head does not exist for a branch version (4b259a81)

v2.89.0 (2021-10-15)​


  • add applicationInstance to deployed version resource as a replacement for target (9bfafc8a)
  • apply allow_dangerous_contract_modification setting when publishing using the /contracts/publish endpoint (956227fe)
  • add support for matchingBranch property in consumer version selectors (48068d29)

Bug Fixes​

  • set missing provider branch name parameter for contract_requiring_verification_published webhooks (777ccdd2)
  • correct misnamed database port configuration property causing the PACT_BROKER_DATABASE_PORT not to be respected (3d14013a)

v2.88.0 (2021-10-11)​


  • include relations for each consumer version that a pact version belongs to when retrieved using the URL from the 'pacts for verification' response (3458c9e5)

Bug Fixes​

  • use the decoded path info rather than the encoded one when creating the pact info (dd30a1a2)

  • edge case in webhook description rendering with participants specified by labels (#512) (7e6a78d8)

  • matrix

    • prevent long version names overlfow the table (#511) (3c279556)

v2.87.0 (2021-10-05)​


  • matrix

    • preselect the consumer version when clicking through to matrix page from integration dashboard (b550b470)
  • dashboard

    • show tooltip explaining auto created branches (cdaf7f6e)
  • can-i-deploy

    • support ignoring specific version numbers (2ac5a946)
    • make verification results URL reference the appropriate consumer version as the pb:pact-version (145bb37b)
  • add pb:can-i-deploy-pacticipant-version-to-environment relation (67328194)

  • webhooks

    • support ${pactbroker.providerVersionDescriptions} template parameter (54a073eb)
    • support ${pactbroker.buildUrl} template parameter (9b79b33f)
    • support $pactbroker.consumerVersionBranch template parameter (b97ba84c)

Bug Fixes​

  • mysql

    • increase size of event_context column (c1596419)
  • correctly merge dry validation and custom validation error messages when publishing contracts (688b1e3f)

  • pacts for verification

    • correct logic for returning pact for main branch when no consumer version selectors are specified (8847e442)
  • db clean

    • optimise calls to identify overwritten data to delete (aaef9e6d)

v2.86.0 (2021-09-17)​


  • allow webhooks to match pacticipants by label (#501) (f30a9dcc)
  • in the webhook body for contract_published and contract_content_changed, use the latest verification from the main branch if present (b45398bd)
  • change default database_connection_validation_timeout from -1 (every request) to nil (which Sequel will set to 3600 seconds) (0c508572)
  • add version details of the implementation that verified a Pact (#363) (021a8692)

v2.85.1 (2021-09-14)​

Bug Fixes​

  • fix bug identifying latest verification for tagged pact (43ac4b03)

v2.85.0 (2021-09-13)​


  • show in the UI whether or not a pact was pending when verification failed (326c068e)
  • thread safe configuration overrides (#500) (50900231)
  • allow dashboard pacts to be viewed by branch, tag, environment or all (1ec8fc82)
  • support deleting pacts by branch in the UI (bc8fef1d)
  • update UI (0ba5eda3)

v2.84.0 (2021-09-10)​


  • use the first tag as the branch when publishing pacts using the contracts/publish endpoint (7b903c1d)

  • support multiple branches per version (#495) (acff2fcc)

  • Support deleting all pacts for a specific tag in the UI (#480) (10dda8ae)

  • add webhook template parameter for GItlab verification statuses (#493) (390ae0d8)

  • pacts for verification

    • include pending status for responses by default when includePendingStatus is not specified (748d3b87)

Bug Fixes​

  • when the latest version for a tag does not have a pact, do not return a pact for the 'latest tag' selector (374c77ce)
  • issue-reproduction/Dockerfile-pact-broker to reduce vulnerabilities (#491) (9692b465)
  • Dockerfile to reduce vulnerabilities (#496) (57c190ef)

v2.83.0 (2021-08-19)​


  • clean

    • update default selectors for clean task to include deployed, released and branch head versions (aaffe71f)
    • support keeping currently deployed and released versions, and the latest version for each branch (e4fbd766)
  • add index to verifications table to improve performance of 'latest verification' query (02eeb424)

Bug Fixes​

  • use provider_version_number from webhook context (3cf421ac)
  • validate matrix query limit (ac5e0890)

v2.82.0 (2021-08-14)​


  • do not allow contract content for a consumer version to be modified for all new Broker instances (#484) (b1819749)

  • ensure saved configuration is loaded appropriately into the RuntimeConfiguration (c5ab52ad)

  • automatically set main branch (#483) (63e287ee)

  • allow the first tag to be used as the branch name to assist migrating to branches (#478) (a086214a)

  • add support for contract_requiring_verification_published webhook (#476) (b4699df0)

  • automatically create database connection from YAML or environment variable config (ca34b030)

  • move basic auth code in from pact-broker-docker (869bcd61)

  • allow Pact Broker to be configured using a YAML file and environment variables (#471) (6e3d0e62)

  • pacts for verification

    • if no consumer version selectors are specified, return the pacts for the latest main version, and all the deployed and released versions (5fccd524)
  • metrics

    • add counts for environment, deployed version, released version, pacticipants and versions with branch set (8272b08b)

Bug Fixes​

  • lazy load latest verification using select max, and eager load using the skynet query (e6ee6ab5)

  • improve performance of query for latest verification for pact_version (d63081d8)

  • do not allow the deployment of a provider version with no results when one of its consumers is already deployed (#486) (219029c0)

  • add cache busting parameters to css and js links (9cab749a)

  • can-i-deploy

    • correctly construct options when environment is used in the can-i-deploy GET endpoint (cb79a404)

v2.81.0 (2021-07-17)​


  • enable environments, deployed versions and released versions endpoints without a feature toggle required (84a59c10)
  • add detailed debug logging for WIP pact calculations (81290238)
  • add debug level logging for WIP pacts calculations (a7c16833)
  • include deployed and released versions in index page when viewing latest tags (655e9dd5)
  • add interactions counts to metrics endpoint (c765afe1)
  • automatically create a deployed version when a tag is created with the same name as an environment (56a583af)
  • support viewing all versions for branch in matrix UI (12f92951)
  • validate environment name in consumer version selector (f1ad8f6b)
  • support the deployedOrReleased: true consumer version selector (042a1612)
  • add interactions_count and messages_count to pact_versions table (c17adbe6)
  • shorten length of metadata in pact URLs by using the consumer version id instead of number (27b34bc9)

Bug Fixes​

  • Display pagination correctly in index page with tag (#469) (cda9c15e)

v2.80.0 (2021-07-06)​


  • filter pacticipant name on index page (#446) (fd882da4)

  • add uuid to webhook decorator (3a916064)

  • add endpoint to list currently supported versions for an environment (9608be8b)

  • support marking a released version as unsupported (f6c4ee27)

  • add pactbroker.azureDevOpsVerificationStatus webhook parameter (8804a90f)

  • add deployed version resource, supporting marking deployed version as undeployed (3dd19955)

  • add warnings to can-i-deploy response when bad practice selectors are used (85540c85)

  • support PATCH for pacticipant with application/merge-patch+json (404e14cb)

  • set main branch for pacticipant (ab1cd016)

  • rename writeMode to onConflict for contract publishing endpoint (26a4e358)

  • replace mainDevelopmentBranches with mainBranch for pacticipant (02d4525e)

  • updating pending and wip logic to exclude pacts already verified by another branch before the specified branch was created (#432) (db643d3c)

  • ignore pacticipant for can i deploy (#429) (25e62fd9)

  • add notices to contract publishing response, with intent to rem… (#430) (dacbe906)

  • support deployments and releases as separate concepts (#426) (58d173db)

  • keep the triggered webhooks after the webhook has been deleted (a5ab2a35)

  • add endpoint to create pacts, pacticipant, version, tags in one request (#420) (df899ebd)

  • add pb:version relation to the pacticipant resource (83ce38a4)

  • add repository and branch properties to pacticipant (98a799b2)

  • currently deployed selector (#396) (8666d709)

  • add relations to environments endpoint for each environment (784c3535)

  • allow multiple base URLs to be configured (f88c69de)

  • support recording deployments (#389) (19ac1fcc)

  • pacts for verification

    • support released:true selector (#451) (8a90cc57)
    • default latest to true when branch is specified and currentlyDeployed to true when an environment is specified (984320b6)
    • display selectors in a formatted list (3cab7a00)
    • update validation for consumer version selectors for the fields environment, currentlyDeployed and branch (ec7dc435)
  • webhooks

    • support consumerVersionBranch and providerVersionBranch in the template parameters (6637644f)
    • support ${pactbroker.currentlyDeployedProviderVersionNumber} in webhook templates (#402) (1e5487f8)
  • matrix

  • pacticipant versions

    • support use of PATCH with application/merge-patch+json to create versions (0429398f)
    • do not allow branch to be modified once set (4aa8e121)
  • record deployment

    • require replacedPreviousDeployedVersion to be set (70398069)
  • environments

    • validate environment name in can-i-deploy and matrix queries (dcad5fb5)
    • allow environments endpoint to be searched by name (ce4b188e)
  • deployed versions

    • add endpoint to list deployed versions for an environment (bd0ca9d6)

Bug Fixes​

  • add rubocop and fix offenses (#441) (7c1c3044)

  • gracefully handle an interactions value that is not an array (a9a5df3d)

  • Dockerfile to reduce vulnerabilities (#418) (5319a997)

  • select pact publication with matching consumer version when triggering webhook for verification (274e1456)

  • issue-reproduction/Dockerfile-pact-broker to reduce vulnerabilities (#414) (34c70984)

  • use URL safe base64 encoding for pact metadata (fa1a3333)

  • handle metadata that has had its padding removed (06bd6d3d)

  • lock reform gem (00cbac8c)

  • fix missing verification status colours in matrix rows (d91662d9)

  • verifications

    • gracefully handle a verification number in the URL that is not an integer (7fe98a7d)
  • ui

    • Make long pacticipant versions look nice (#407) (dbb967e3)

v2.79.0 (2021-02-25)​


  • allow multiple base URLs to be configured (6d0dc8b3)
  • copy full git sha rather than abbreviated one when clicking the copy button next to an application version (dae9cae5)

Bug Fixes​

  • fix missing verification status colours in matrix rows (687d4647)

v2.78.1 (2021-02-18)​

Bug Fixes​

  • handle nil response when determining webhook success status (20ca9e66)

v2.78.0 (2021-02-15)​


  • support create, update and delete of environment resources (#379) (410f2e80)
  • allow version to be created with tags (798afce9)
  • Follow up for #239 + adding list of success codes to SAVABLE_SETTING_NAMES variable (#388) (08c0ad09)

v2.77.0 (2021-02-11)​


  • webhooks

    • allow the http codes to be considered as "successful" to be configured. (a84989b1)
  • add duplicate columns to tags table to reduce joins (5ca9de62)

  • set the branch in the seed data (9a00ce6d)

  • display version branch on index and matrix pages (2057df7d)

  • support creating version with branch (#371) (5884a047)

  • sort tags on index and matrix pages and APIs by creation date (91590718)

  • sort consumer version tags by date in dashboard response (f82ba1bc)

v2.76.2 (2021-01-29)​

Bug Fixes​

  • trigger one webhook for each pact publication that the verified content belongs to when using the 'pacts for verification' API (#378) (114ccad0)

v2.76.1 (2021-01-28)​

Bug Fixes​

  • deduplicate wip pacts by content (0af90776)
  • message when pending pact is verified successfully for the first time (#376) (4fc69190)
  • use base URL from rack env in UI (5bf21324)

v2.76.0 (2021-01-21)​


  • verification results
    • redirect requests for verification results to the HAL browser if requested in a web browser (0f948de5)

v2.75.0 (2021-01-18)​


  • upgrade bootstrap (#370) (a457c337)

  • add indexes to webhook_executions and triggered_webhooks tables (b05e7dbe)

  • webhook

Bug Fixes​

  • ui

    • upgrade to jquery-3.5.1 to address vulnerabilities in jquery-3.3.1 (de41b231)
  • deps

    • upgrade redcarpet for CVE-2020-26298 (b57aad32)

v2.74.1 (2021-01-05)​

Bug Fixes​

  • deps
    • remove manual specification for nokogiri now the fix for CVE-2020-26247 has been released in 1.11 (771378a9)

v2.74.0 (2021-01-04)​


  • include the consumer version selectors in the metadata of the 'pact for verification' URL (32bbe1c3)

Bug Fixes​

  • deps
    • update nokogiri for CVE-2020-26247 (336ec897)

v2.73.0 (2020-12-16)​


  • wip

    • permenently enable feature that keeps pacts as WIP when verified via the URL from a webhook triggered by pact publication (70071373)
  • allow error causes to be configured to log at warning level (3a7bf5ea)

  • add self relations for tags in matrix resource (727cee99)

  • add self relation to tags in extended pact and verification resources (a560ce6d)

  • metrics

Bug Fixes​

  • url encode tag name in tag URL (80df832d)

v2.72.0 (2020-12-02)​


  • allow overwritten data deletion to be configured with extra options (fd809737)
  • use the consumer version number in the metadata to select the correct consumer version for a pact version resource (422c87fc)
  • return link to latest pact if more pacts exist when deleting pacts by tag (b87ea704)
  • update output for clean dry run (681a5ddd)
  • update metrics output (0617e9df)

v2.71.0 (2020-11-28)​


  • allow clean to be performed in dry run mode (a7a18fde)

v2.70.0 (2020-11-28)​


  • allow limit to be applied to clean task (d29e5c62)

  • optimise the query to load the tags with latest flags (bc47613f)

  • optimise query to find head tags for a pact (67309e37)

  • wip pacts

    • experimental feature - if no provider versions exist, consider all head pacts wip (a635cc53)

Bug Fixes​

  • return empty body when group csv is requested for a pacticipant that does not have any integrations (fb4e28ce)

v2.69.0 (2020-11-24)​


  • wip

    • keep pacts as WIP when verified via the pactUrl passed though the webhook template parameters - experimental. (a9b3fef0)
  • add link to the pact content version (8eefba5f)

  • display V3 provider states in HTML (#357) (8e06a7f2)

  • optimise query for determining latest verification for consumer and provider (7889b051)

Bug Fixes​

  • return a 404 when the base pact for a pact diff doesn't exist (74d3644d)
  • Add consumer name to inclusion reason log (#358) (82901891)

v2.68.1 (2020-10-24)​

Bug Fixes​

  • set default User-Agent header in webhook requests (caa71f9b)

v2.68.0 (2020-10-23)​


  • use a sequence for the version order on postgres (da497a76)
  • only cascade apps for 404s (not 405s) (4e1b3083)
  • use a sequence for the verification number on postgres (b8f029ee)
  • optimise query to find latest verification for pact (db17ef5a)

v2.67.0 (2020-10-16)​


  • wip pacts
    • if a pact was successfully verified because it was included as a WIP pact, keep it as WIP (16cae55d)
    • add 'wip' column to verification results (34f98592)

Bug Fixes​

  • typo when rendering created webhook for old webhooks path (1e6a06a0)

  • include can-i-deploy badge in is_badge_path? logic (31ea5f34)

  • pacts for verification

    • gracefully log empty request body (0e48d13a)
  • can-i-deploy

    • gracefully handle pacticipant not found (f6903b23)

v2.66.0 (2020-10-01)​


  • paginate pacticipant versions (f489ba7b)

  • webhooks

    • add event name to group by clause when selecting latest triggered webhooks (134f12c8)

Bug Fixes​

  • maintain latest and tag params when submitting page after following link from can-i-deploy debug logs (6e2f1a85)

v2.65.0 (2020-09-25)​


  • pacts for verification
    • allow API to be disabled by setting PACT_BROKER_FEATURES=disable_pacts_for_verification (bab116b3)
    • update wording for inclusion notice when selector has a consumer specified (61370d1f)

v2.64.0 (2020-09-25)​


  • add API endpoint for can-i-deploy for latest tagged pacticipant version (88fdc60a)
  • render matrix UI page for can-i-deploy endpoint (463e9cfd)
  • change text on can-i-deploy badge (f9e183e9)

v2.63.0 (2020-09-25)​


  • allow label of can-i-deploy badge to be customised by setting the label query parameter (ed544f94)
  • add badges for can-i-deploy (887a9ca3)

v2.62.0 (2020-09-23)​


  • webhooks

    • remove user-agent and accept-encoding headers which the Ruby HTTP library adds by default (ef25b88c)
  • add event name to triggered webhook (ecce16fd)

Bug Fixes​

  • webhooks

    • use path to initialise http request, rather than full URL (ecbac9a6)
  • gracefully handle corrupt webhook metadata in pact URL (ba94c355)

v2.61.0 (2020-09-12)​


  • add back support for GET requests to the 'pacts for verification' API with a deprecation notice in the response (8f45cc9f)

v2.60.1 (2020-09-10)​

Bug Fixes​

  • href for beta:provider-pacts-for-verification (3949fdd1)

v2.60.0 (2020-09-08)​


  • pacts for verification
    • add deprecation title to beta:provider-pacts-for-verification relation (47a61f69)
    • do not require environment variable feature toggle to enable feature (7d0fe1ea)
    • allow consumer to be specified with fallback tags, and overall latest to be specified with or without a consumer (2d52d173)

Bug Fixes​

  • correctly handle new test results format when merging test results with pact contents (b35ab71b)

v2.59.2 (2020-08-06)​

Bug Fixes​

  • gracefully handle contracts without interactions or messages in deployment status warnings (6c223e69)
  • add missing info level log for business level errors (80a895bf)

v2.59.1 (2020-08-04)​

Bug Fixes​

  • fix error rendering relationships diagram when the number of index items is greater than one page (93a19982)

v2.59.0 (2020-07-30)​


  • add timestamps to version resource (818a0c2c)

v2.58.3 (2020-07-25)​

Bug Fixes​

  • correctly encode user entered data in attributes, Javascript, and HTML (523980e2)

v2.58.2 (2020-07-17)​

Bug Fixes​

  • update CSP to allow badges to be loaded from (a87e5274)
  • add missing URL encoding in various URLs (276094bc)

v2.58.0 (2020-06-19)​


  • log foreign key constraint errors as warn as 99% of the time they are transitory and unreproducible and should not cause alarms to be raised (71fd0270)
  • use structured logs for logging errors (1e097b37)

Bug Fixes​

  • fix: update sanitize gem for CVE-2020-4054 (2af4bf9d)
  • do not parse the provider version as a semantic version when order_versions_by_date is true (bf30024f)

v2.57.0 (2020-06-16)​


  • add Content Security Policy header (fd2e81fb)

Bug Fixes​

  • upgrade Rack for vulnerability CVE-2020-8184 (99b78b3c)
  • fix Home link on pact page (081d1586)
  • return a 422 if the URL path contains a new line or tab (db9f7f4d)

v2.56.1 (2020-06-01)​

Bug Fixes​

v2.56.0 (2020-06-01)​


  • database

    • log schema versions and migration info on startup (b385e535)
    • allow options to be passed to Sequel migrate via the MigrationTask (143613e7)
  • allow PactFlow messages in logs to be hidden by setting PACT_BROKER_HIDE_PACTFLOW_MESSAGES=true (a7550105)

  • can-i-deploy

    • experimental - add a warning message if there are interactions missing verification test results. (f7ab8cc5)

Bug Fixes​

  • use relative URLs when base_url not explictly set to ensure app is not vulnerable to host header attacks (92c45a0a)
  • raise PactBroker::Error when either pacticipant is not found in the business layer while attempting to delete an integration (3c209a46)

v2.55.0 (2020-05-22)​


  • support non root context (#344) (dc480499)

v2.54.0 (2020-05-13)​


  • hal browser

Bug Fixes​

  • update rack for CVE-2020-8161 (96c3386a)

  • hal browser

  • webhooks

    • add missing validation for event names when creating webhooks (5fc0563c)

v2.53.0 (2020-05-12)​


  • badge
    • include tag names in matrix badge (cce7cd01)

Bug Fixes​

  • pacts for verification

    • ensure a separate pact URL is returned for each consumer when multiple consumers share the same pact json content (13e7b640)
  • gracefully handle fetching matrix badge when specified pact does not exist (e8ec4101)

  • include the base URL in the link to the webhook docs (5363ab2e)

v2.52.2 (2020-04-16)​

Bug Fixes​

v2.52.1 (2020-03-30)​

Bug Fixes​

  • set consumer and provider to nil on the underlying webhook when they are not specified in the incoming webhook JSON (f85b6ea2)

v2.52.0 (2020-03-25)​


  • pact ui

    • update matrix URL to specify the latest provider version (23b02c80)
  • matrix ui

    • highlight rows with the same consumer/provider/consumer version/provider version (99b36d50)
  • matrix

    • speed up query for UI by reducing the number of joins and removing unncessary criteria (#332) (9e5ea8be)
  • pacts for verification

    • add validation to only allow consumer to be specified for 'all' versions for a tag (b39ad193)
    • update inclusion messages to specify consumer name when selecting all pacts for a given consumer (fdff0c58)
    • support finding all pacts with a given tag for a specified consumer (749e708d)

Bug Fixes​

  • ensure requests for text/plain go to the API rather than the UI (1cf28009)

v2.51.0 (2020-03-11)​


  • clean
    • all the latest version for all tags to be kept (9ff7bbec)
    • allow a maximum age to be specified for the versions to keep (bc457492)
    • support specifying which versions to keep using selectors (a06899eb)

Bug Fixes​

  • set consumer and provider relationships when a webhook is created and consumer/provider are set in the body of the request rather than the URL (5ccdd31c)
  • sort matrix rows by last action date (f625c9ad)
  • gracefully handle badge redirects when the pact is not found (2da36574)

v2.50.1 (2020-02-27)​

Bug Fixes​

  • webhooks
    • make consumer_version_tags an array when creating metadata for latest [tagged] pact (59b9e4c5)

v2.50.0 (2020-02-27)​


  • deps

    • upgrade to pact-support 1.14.1 (47c23b7d)
  • ui

    • display repository URL on the pacticipant relationships page (5d285e95)
  • expose configuration option to allow missing migrations files on startup (58dea9ab)

  • add rake task to clean overwritten pact publications and verifications (942dfbd0)

  • include tag and consumer version number in metadata parameter of verification creation URL when verifying latest pact for a tag (3b59e824)

  • pact

    • add relation to view matrix rows for the consumer version (13cb20b1)

v2.49.0 (2020-02-13)​


  • webhooks

    • support upsert of webhook via a PUT to /webhooks/{uuid} (f9ba9ab5)
  • don't double parse the incoming JSON body when checking if it is invalid. (bd74b82c)

  • support saving symbol configuration settings (73db9c2b)

  • allow verification status badges to be served via a redirect instead of proxying the response (a34d5f7f)

v2.48.0 (2020-02-07)​


  • pacts for verification

    • include a short description of the pact's selectors in the response (41c6d91f)
    • update inclusion reason to support fallback tag explanation (43081170)
    • allow a fallback tag to be specified (113180c1)
    • update the inclusion notice text to handle 'all pacts for tag' (59ec8c8a)
  • support DELETE for verification results (70392e53)

Bug Fixes​

  • a url typo (#328) (482264fa)
  • correct URL of tag relation in pacticipant version resource (ec24e999)

v2.47.1 (2020-02-01)​

Bug Fixes​

  • ensure latest verification is loaded on pact object before executing webhook (41eb25d8)

v2.47.0 (2020-01-31)​


  • include the webhook context in the execution logs (29f65bef)

v2.46.0 (2020-01-30)​


  • allow the base URL of the application to be set for the API (73bd4c44)

  • correct logs relation to pb:logs in the triggered webhooks resource (89ea1a58)

  • pacts for verification

    • add pre and post verification messages that can be displayed to the user based on whether or not the verification has passed or failed (bb079858)
    • allow all versions for a particular tag to be verified (eg. all prod versions of a mobile consumer) (e16feef6)
    • optimise queries for determining which provider version tags are pending (b4e1461a)

Bug Fixes​

  • pacts for verification
    • set includePendingStatus to false by default (9b3162ac)

v2.45.0 (2020-01-30)​


  • expose the data migrations code as a rake task (00ee00d5)

  • pacts for verification

    • include URL of pact in inclusion message (5a85a5a4)

Bug Fixes​

  • can-i-deploy
    • when multiple selectors are specified, do not infer integrations unless the "latest" or "tag" are specified (c5819299)

v2.44.0 (2020-01-22)​


  • matrix

    • optimise query to determine integrations, again (44e78ad2)
    • add indexes to optimise queries (cdc9aad7)
    • optimise query to determine integrations (9e874f3b)
  • add hal relation for creating a tag on the pacticipant version resource (dca0ad4f)

Bug Fixes​

  • update pact-support to fix bug caused by missing require (416ecdf5)

  • correct logic for finding pacticipants by name when the name contains an underscore (6d975ebe)

  • correct logic for finding pacticipants by name when the name contains an underscore (2db59797)

  • matrix

    • correctly infer selectors when multiple selectors have been specified (4288c282)

v2.43.0 (2020-01-06)​


  • support DELETE /integrations for deleting all integration related data at once (pacticipants, pacts, verifications and webhooks) (d7e2ef27)

  • optimise query to automatically determine integrations (147cbfb6)

  • change badge timeout message from error to warning (e34f5676)

  • matrix

    • optimise the query that determines the integrations (704944b6)

Bug Fixes​

v2.42.0 (2019-12-05)​


  • pacts for verification

    • include list of notices to print rather than inclusionReason and pendingReason (eed0120e)
    • only include WIP pacts that were published after the provider tag was first used (673fcb8c)
  • webhooks

    • allow webhooks to be triggered for verification successes and failures (6735da32)

v2.41.0 (2019-11-21)​


  • pacts for verification

    • make latest flag required and true for now, until the 'all pacts for tag' is implemented (ebbbbec9)
    • include WIP pacts in list of pacts to verify (04a0f40c)
    • allow pending status information to be optionall included (a80f2fd6)
    • support querying by POST (5556b814)
  • matrix

    • show pact version SHA in popup text, and highlight pact publications with the same pact version (0d539093)
    • update 'pre-verifed' pop up text, and add icon to indicate when a pact is pre-verified (a86010e5)
    • add tags to json response (6d099f59)
  • example data

  • index

    • enable pagination feature (9bb87eca)
    • add pagination controls to the bottom of the page (9d9e6378)
    • optimise query, feature toggled (e238749e)
    • optimise server side rendered page (1f54ccf4)
  • diagnostic

    • remove before_resource and after_resource hook calls from diagnostics endpoints (b1dac2bd)
  • add missing super calls in BaseResource child classes (1071ca8a)

  • optimise latest_verification_ids_for_consumer_version_tags (9e84ce7d)

  • optimise latest_pact_publications_by_consumer_versions (86846271)

  • optimise latest_pact_consumer_version_orders (c4febeaa)

  • optimise latest_tagged_pact_consumer_version_orders view (d92cb8f2)

v2.40.0 (2019-10-26)​


  • matrix

    • default page to showing 'latest by consumer version and provider' as it is much quicker and less confusing. (dd879250)
  • optimise query to find latest verification for consumer version tag (301b30ca)

  • matrix badge

Bug Fixes​

  • matrix

    • exceptions on matrix page due to recent query optimisation (3c504ba5)
  • frontend

    • remove 'v' prefix on versions during render (#313) (e109a8cd)

v2.39.0 (2019-10-21)​


  • matrix

    • optimise query for can-i-deploy, again (78b8a5d5)
    • handle overwritten revisions in database rather than code (1459b46a)
  • clean

    • allow date to be specified for data to clean and return counts of deleted and kept rows (29dcbacd)
  • update db clean to remove webhooks triggered by verifications (f38eeaea)

  • add revisions per consumer version and verifications per pact version to metrics (f764fbca)

  • show more helpful error message when someone tries to get /all verifications for a pact (bea59518)

  • add missing HAL docs for various relations and correct test that should have identified their absence (a057427c)

  • add can-i-deploy endpoint to expose a simplified interface to the /matrix resource that accepts the same parameters as the can-i-deploy CLI. (02443f39)

  • add 'pacts for verification' endpoint (#308) (31fb8aa7)

  • metrics

  • dashboard api

  • integrations

    • sort by integration with most recent activity first (35bdbb92)
    • add verification status to integrations endpoint (437ba769)

Bug Fixes​

  • typos on ISSUE_TEMPLATE (#311) (a10b4792)

  • add endpoints to get latest verification for latest pact (73413727)

  • support application/vnd.pactbrokerextended.v1+json for latest pact resource (476ff595)

  • matrix

  • dashboard api

    • remove expensive queries for unused data (07206559)

v2.38.1 (2019-09-23)​

Bug Fixes​

v2.38.0 (2019-09-20)​


  • add pactflow message to start up and error logs (530dbfe9)

  • allow interaction ids to be manually set for test data (4e256102)

  • dashboard

    • use 'refreshable' link for latest verification result so pact can be refreshed and display the latest result (1ab8a5d9)

Bug Fixes​

  • don't drop column from view in down step, because you can't remove a column from a view in posgres (045f3f38)
  • add test results to all verifications views (9bc1eab1)

v2.37.0 (2019-09-02)​

Bug Fixes​

  • delete triggered webhook data when deleting pacticipant version (77265c30)

  • index with tags

    • sort pact publication by date, not string (#301) (e92bde5f)
  • index

    • sort pact publication by date, not string (75d35802)

v2.36.1 (2019-08-30)​

Bug Fixes​

  • do not show clipboard icon if version is blank (#297) (36948fe1)

v2.36.0 (2019-08-30)​


  • add resource to get latest verification for a pact (f02a1ca0)
  • add /metrics endpoint (9bcbc1bd)
  • add tags to verification resource (830632a2)
  • add content type to return pact with extra metadata (eg tags) (76668639)
  • remove use of 'stale' for dashboard resource (e173f5cf)

Bug Fixes​

  • pact broker client issue 53 (#299) (aa27cef3)
  • version column resize when clipboard icon appears (#292) (5aa668e9)

v2.35.0 (2019-08-08)​


  • webhooks

    • do not redact a password with a parameter in it (47c602ef)
    • update parameter text (7fa518cb)
    • do not redact header if it contains a parameter (5787e0d1)
    • support template parameters in header values, username and password (a800ac2e)
    • simplify request logger format (c52ade2f)
    • add the logs and success flag to the execution result (96769a88)
    • allow testing of an unsaved webhook (a436e42d)
    • gracefully handle scenario where triggered webhook has been deleted while webhook was being executed (052055d4)
    • use consumer/provider names in webhook title (2b5d2498)
  • add copy to clipboard for version numbers (#283) (c10a6f28)

  • update redact logs (51aa13c0)

  • use hardcoded error message when error class has a nil message (03a3b63c)

  • ensure clean up script handles pact versions for left over verifications (116f8eaa)

  • added clean up sql script (388b441e)

  • add Vary header to avoid browser returning the wrong cached content type for a resource (6d30baa2)

  • change logging level from error to info for JSON parsing errors (cc144062)

Bug Fixes​

  • inefficient SQL loading latest verification for pact version (301d9a58)

  • publish pacts

    • handle race condition when creating pact version (de0d3b7f)

v2.34.0 (2019-06-14)​


  • webhooks

    • provide mapping to bitbucket build status names (#277) (7bdf0c47)
  • change log level for webhook triggering logs from debug to info (2dca79c1)

Bug Fixes​

  • gracefully handle two requests coming in at the same time to create the same pacticipant (78d92ada)
  • gracefully handle pact webhook status when there is no pact yet (ba1f6bc7)
  • do not overwrite existing pactbroker.database_connector in rack env (0da5d070)

v2.33.0 (2019-06-07)​


  • add pb:pacticipant and pb:pacticipant-version-tag relations to the index resource (2c4c258c)

Bug Fixes​

  • correctly remove webhook consumer/provider when update params do not contain a consumer/provider (118bbee1)

  • duplicate key value violates unique constraint "cv_prov_revision_unq" error when publishing identical pact resources at the same time (6c8e38fb)

  • matrix

    • ensure unrelated dependencies are not included in a matrix result when three pacticipants each have dependencies on each other (a086ffec)

v2.32.0 (2019-05-28)​


  • webhooks

    • maintain starred out Authorization header value (cc978582)
    • don't use username if empty string (9327271d)
    • do not show backtrace in webhook test execution response (c8a8194e)
    • return a 200 status for webhook test execution response even when execution has failed (d90c4552)
    • do not require basic auth password to be re-submitted when a webhook is updated - maintain existing value if not present (55d7f4ad)
    • allow description to be edited (302d70f6)
    • only trigger enabled webhooks (cb2b0321)
    • add enabled column to model and database schema (ce452ec8)
  • add metadata to webhook and verification URLs to correctly track relevant versions and tags (#274) (426b0b19)

  • add group url to /integrations _links (e2584f53)

  • add matrix URL to /integration _links (344d3e18)

  • allow dashboard resource to be filtered by consumer/provider (a2408520)

  • add hal+json endpoint for listing integrations (40f3e021)

  • allow a custom API to be configured (1c371163)

  • webhook

    • show user specified description instead of generated one in collection resource (2643d957)
  • matrix

    • do not default to latestby=cvpv for consumer/provider matrix (742d506c)

Bug Fixes​

  • webhooks

    • correctly set updated consumer and provider (d865a429)
  • default matrix limit for /matrix/provider/PROVIDER/consumer/CONSUMER endpoint to 100 (7ccc9b6f)

  • gracefully handle situation where webhook is deleted before execution (634ccd53)

  • duplicate key value violates unique constraint uq_ver_ppt_ord (4303e4f7)

v2.31.0 (2019-04-30)​


  • display times in UTC in API responses (a4231117)

  • log the reason why a webhook has been triggered (30522c0d)

  • add _ids to interactions added via the TestDataBuilder (d21e7092)

  • update names of example apps (2b2a3f81)

  • ignore order of keys when generating interaction sha (e6a0e8d8)

  • use _id instead of id for the interaction identifier (010a14ab)

  • add ids to interactions when pacts are published (cd377850)

  • remove whitespace from pact content when saving to database (1f53682e)

  • monkeypatch webmachine to make the rack env available on the request (40be97db)

  • ensure index page is not cached (0cfa9bbf)

  • correct provider state matching for merging (41ff6e5d)

  • only seed example data when database is empty (0f2d00a6)

  • seed app with example data on first startup (cf27ad8c)

  • batch delete versions and tags using delete instead of destroy for efficiency (1315e0b1)

  • allow pact to be deleted through the UI (df0f35cb)

  • upgrade bootstrap (1be9f1b2)

  • allow an integration to be deleted via the UI (f520520e)

  • add delete integration which deletes all objects pertaining to an integration that are not referenced by other objects (718f0218)

  • simplify the logic that determines if the request is for the UI or the API (73ae0fc2)

  • change pact rendering log message from warn to info (93229103)

  • upgrade jquery version to 3.3.1 (82b830cf)

  • dashboard

    • sort items by most recent activity (f6f8fb20)
  • index

    • add button to delete all pact versions (b5d15d5d)

Bug Fixes​

  • ensure datetime tests run correctly regardless of timezone (0506be30)

  • correct logic for filtering ui/api requests (725c6ccb)

  • ensure that the templating in the webhook body uses the correct base URL for the broker (3d5a5380)

  • handle deleting integration when consumer and provider are the same pacticipant (f31e8df2)

  • correct tbody in show-with-tags index page (325a98ed)

  • delete overwritten pact publications when deleting all pact publications between a consumer and provider (5456eda5)

  • escape html on index pages (6ee34afe)

  • sanitize html in matrix (c4d74d87)

  • sanitize fields when rendering pact html (dca76506)

  • readme

    • Change gitter link to slack. + Minor typo (6b1c7843)

v2.30.0 (2019-03-29)​


  • add helper text on index page for getting started (cdeb2cd9)

  • allow rack protection to be turned off so that the headers can be managed in nginx (941371ec)

  • allow all pacts between a given consumer and provider to be deleted at once (9f1ce9c3)

  • correctly identify javascript and css content types (6470d199)

  • add .css and .js file extensions to middleware that sets the accept header (eb1cd323)

  • add helper text on index page for getting started (222d8965)

  • allow rack protection to be turned off so that the headers can be managed in nginx (b43e60ee)

  • allow all pacts between a given consumer and provider to be deleted at once (0c8106b6)

  • correctly identify javascript and css content types (03e156cb)

  • add .css and .js file extensions to middleware that sets the accept header (2aa533dc)

  • add a new webhook event for contract_published (2e2a2034)

  • matrix

    • improve reasons in response when pacticipant cannot be deployed (85e11616)
    • allow provider to be deployed to an environment without the consumer having to be deployed there already (125c2722)

v2.29.0 (2019-03-15)​


  • matrix

    • improve reasons in response when pacticipant cannot be deployed (e96544f6)
    • allow provider to be deployed to an environment without the consumer having to be deployed there already (475a4010)
  • change webhook execution failure log to info (7238bc49)

  • remove db/pact_broker_database.sqlite3 so we don't have conflicts in fork (f68fce8b)

  • change error logs to info logs (700f6992)

  • lock dry-logic to version that works (28769040)

  • allow a custom UI to be configured (23695b08)

Bug Fixes​

  • gracefully handle race conditions when publishing a new revision of a pact (012c54f0)

v2.28.0 (2019-01-15)​


  • enable file list in gemspec to work without git (6dd27e26)
  • allow the database connection to be configured for async jobs (6a745d4b)
  • add error reference to API error response and ensure potentially sensitive details from the exception message are not exposed (e7bb4a01)

Bug Fixes​

  • show consumer/provider/global webhooks in webhook column on index page (35f8bfc1)

v2.27.6 (2018-11-23)​

Bug Fixes​

  • URL encode consumer version number in pact URL (b58f4fbf)

v2.27.5 (2018-11-15)​

Bug Fixes​

  • handle race conditions when creating a pacticipant on postgres (2c83985f)
  • ensure latest version of rack is used to avoid vulnerability CVE-2018-16471 (996953f8)

v2.27.4 (2018-11-15)​

Bug Fixes​

  • handle race conditions when creating a pacticipant (b3799670)
  • correct order of arguments for merging pacts (f6cfb197)

v2.27.3 (2018-11-01)​


  • add LogQuietener to example (2f014f07)

  • Rename database logger delegate to LogQuietener (34f44bcb)

  • create delegate for database logger to tone down the 'table does not exist' errors that freak people out at startup (573d204b)

  • semantic-logging

    • set logger for SuckerPunch and tests (201eb331)
    • allow ruby standard logger to be configured to ensure backwards compatibility (cfbb704c)
  • tagged-pact-versions

    • ensure triggered webhooks are deleted when pact versions are deleted (288475f1)
    • add endpoint to view and delete a collection of pact versions by tag (615025e9)
  • logging

Bug Fixes​

  • correct foreign key between AllPactPublications and PactVersion (59f76c74)

  • ensure bundle install for pact_broker:dev:setup uses correct Gemfile (94f3a5f2)

  • Fix some invalid HTML (0c9a08a8)

  • openssl

    • simplify certificate test for latest LibreSSL/OpenSSL libs (cce79390)

v2.27.2 (2018-09-14)​


  • use application/yaml instead of application/x-yaml to match Swaggerhub (067d6ac7)

  • treat .yaml requests as having header Accept: application/x-yaml (1c8e199f)

  • webhook whitelist

    • allow hosts to be whitelisted using * domains (150858a1)

Bug Fixes​

  • content-type
    • convert 404 content-type to application/hal+json #235 (83958db7)

v2.27.0 (2018-09-07)​


  • add ${pactbroker.consumerLabels} and ${pactbroker.providerLabels} to webhook templates (afebbc5a)

v2.26.1 (2018-09-07)​


  • allow integrations to be exported in dot format (text/vnd.graphviz) (ac609081)
  • eager load latest version for /pacticipants resource (9ac2ba9b)
  • eager load pacticipant labels for /pacticipants resource (01dd8669)

Bug Fixes​

  • matrix

    • gracefully handle and log when version is unresolved (82fe19f1)
  • gracefully handle attempt to create a duplicate tag (53bea8b4)

  • correct :false to false in verification decorator to correctly handle read only property providerName (4af4ed1c)

  • gracefully handle scenario where URL supplied in JSON body is not a String (b0bb6044)

v2.26.0 (2018-08-23)​


  • change default value of base_equality_only_on_content_that_affects_verification_results to true (615f0c90)
  • renamed 'wip pacts' to 'pending pacts' (11a56b5c)

v2.25.0 (2018-08-09)​


  • make contract_content_changed tag aware (8e7d0e47)

  • move "latest id" upsert logic into own class (360d236f)

  • replace latest_verifications view with latest_verifications_for_provider_versions (ee4fef99)

  • sort tags in text/plain version of /dashboard (0a821490)

  • optimise data migrations that set pacticipant ids (9a148b80)

  • add pact_version_id to latest_pact_publication_ids table (627ce6db)

  • optimise query for loading latest verification for the latest pacts for each tag on index page (8bc58442)

  • add consumer_id to pact_publications table (d520e228)

  • add consumer id and provider id to verifications table to speed up queries (d5698901)

  • run data migrations on startup to ensure data created by old nodes is migrated when performing a rolling update (ec59ba5b)

  • move migrations on feature branch to run last (78d31c49)

  • remove refresh of materialized_matrix and materialized_head_matrix (262af756)

  • keep track of the latest verification for a pact version for each provider version, rather than calculating it (110495a9)

  • store latest pact publication ids for each consumer version (d239bfdf)

  • keep track of latest pact revision in table rather than calculating it (e9cd9e1b)

  • move pb:wip-provider-pacts to beta:wip-provider-pacts (3008140a)

  • make feature toggles case insensitive and space aware (f4a03c0c)

  • add feature toggle via environment variable PACT_BROKER_FEATURES (f0737b97)

  • keep track of the latest verification for a pact version for each provider version, rather than calculating it (b4f18770)

  • store latest pact publication ids for each consumer version (c8fa5545)

  • keep track of latest pact revision in table rather than calculating it (1db5b7ba)

  • index

    • eager load latest verification for consumer and provider (1bf61afc)

Bug Fixes​

  • index page
    • correct pact URL when showing index with tags (a5bda98f)

v2.24.0 (2018-07-08)​


  • disable wip-provider-pacts in production until the feature is passed alpha testing (3f9a1c7)
  • allow HAL docs to specify a context so that two relations with the same name in different resources don't clash (fe85b0b)
  • add pb:diff relation to pact resource to view a diff with an arbitrary pact version (3eaa79c)
  • add HAL documentation for the relations that were missing documentation (6b04d70)
  • add resource for "work in progress" pacts for a provider (50c003b)
  • deprecate pacts relation in favour of pb:pacts in latest pacts resource (ccdd46f)
  • add bash script to migrate pacts from one broker to another (7d587d9)

v2.23.4 (2018-07-04)​


  • deprecate provider relation in provider pacts resource in preference for pb:provider (eda8cbf)

Bug Fixes​

  • correct the logic for determining the deployment status in the matrix resource (ad85db4)
  • delete associated verification results when a pacticipant version is deleted (ddec810)

v2.23.3 (2018-06-27)​

Bug Fixes​

  • add missing require in triggered_webhooks_decorator.rb (c4adeaf)

v2.23.2 (2018-06-25)​

Bug Fixes​

  • ensure configured webhook headers are used when making request (50c876f)

v2.23.1 (2018-06-23)​


  • respond correctly to OPTIONS requests (c5d3937)

Bug Fixes​

  • add missing require to pact_triggered_webhooks (aaf1755)

v2.23.0 (2018-06-20)​


  • include test webhook request in execution response body (7518098)

  • use the latest matching pact or verification to test webhook execution, or a placeholder if either is not found (273078b)

  • add resource to view the triggered webhooks for a verification result (c3e8df0)

  • add resource to view the triggered webhooks for a pact publication (00f60c1)

  • allow "global" webhooks (matching all consumers and providers) to be triggered by pact or verification publication (19f7060)

  • allow webhook with optional consumer and/or provider to be created by posting to /webhooks (b15ba85)

  • add consumer and provider objects to webhook resource (e60460e)

  • move $.message to $.error.message in error response body (803c025)

  • only show backtrace in error response for non production environments (665ac23)

  • change version ordering to sort by date by default (6552b46)

  • raise explicit error if a matrix query is done for a version with a tag that does not exist (8f64288)

  • consumer or provider webhooks

    • refactor webhooks resource classes and add consumer and provider webhook links to pact resource (9321c73)
    • change pact webhook status URL (2445b1e)
    • allow a webhook to be defined for either a consumer OR provider (37a62be)

Bug Fixes​

  • ensure non utf-8 characters in the webook response do not cause an error in the Pact Broker response body (a5ae5bf)
  • update sintra to >= 2.0.2 to fix css vulnerability (3023408)

v2.22.0 (2018-06-11)​


  • allow whitelist configurations to be loaded from database (19cb83f)

v2.21.0 (2018-06-10)​


  • add ${pactbroker.consumerVersionTags} and ${pactbroker.providerVersionTags} to webhook templates (e5121b1)
  • add ${pactbroker.verificationResultUrl} to webhook templates (e19c9c9)
  • redact potentially sensitive headers in the webhook resource (619c7e9)
  • add ${pactbroker.githubVerificationStatus} to webhook templates (abccf7a)
  • add ${pactbroker.providerVersionNumber} to webhook templates (86bc1ec)

Bug Fixes​

  • correctly trigger contract_content_changed webhooks when first version of a pact is published (73a06ff)
  • correctly handle template parameters in URL when rendering webhook resource (a4b69db)
  • correct call to execute webhooks when pact changes (076afe6)
  • ensure webhook hosts cannot contain templated parameters (fe05919)
  • allow pact broker template parameter in URL (c91d04e)
  • correct logic for showing webhook response bodies in logs when a whitelist is configured (db2f9d1)

v2.20.0 (2018-06-03)​


  • only log webhook response details when a webhook host whitelist has been configured (3e1c562)
  • validate webhook host against configurable list on creation (077e37f)
  • validate webhook scheme and http method against configurable lists on creation (d7a2b0a)
  • add ${pactbroker.consumerVersionNumber} to webhook templates (d525527)

Bug Fixes​

  • correct all content types that were application/json to application/hal+json (690e39b)

v2.19.2 (2018-05-29)​


  • load latest verification for consumer/provider via relationship rather than repository (13b7c6e)
  • include more columns in latest_verifications_for_consumer_version_tags to avoid having to do extra queries for pact_versions and provider_versions (e366af4)
  • optimise queries for index page with tags (524e08d)
  • create view for latest verifications for consumer version tags (eb67511)
  • log pact content as debug instead of info when publishing (d116157)
  • allow pact equality to be based only on the content that affects verification results (bf8130f)

Bug Fixes​

  • temporarily redact webhook response body from UI for security purposes (becf20c)
  • handle race condition causing unique constraint violation when creating pacticipant versions (6c75ebd)

v2.19.1 (2018-05-18)​


  • rename relations in pact diff view (8c3c62e)

Bug Fixes​

  • add pact name back into title of deprecated pacts relation of provider pacts resource (f5f002a)
  • set correct content type for verification result resources (c177fdd)

v2.19.0 (2018-05-03)​


  • create endpoint to compare arbitrary pact versions, ignoring interaction/message order (15f0688)
  • add endpoint to retrieve a pact version by its pact content sha (a519731)
  • include pact revision number and verification number in badge svg comment (82b59ef)
  • add pb:version-tag relation to pacticipant resource (0704772)
  • create endpoints for retrieving all pact versions for a provider, with and without a tag. (d7011b2)
  • update matrix UI to allow all versions with a particular tag to be specified (278b3ea)
  • allow matrix to be queried for all versions with a given tag (cac3023)

Bug Fixes​

  • correct logic for finding latest verification for revised pacts (8fb28ee)
  • do not invoke error reporters for validation errors (57eed65)

v2.18.0 (2018-04-05)​


  • add link to matrix from HTML pact page (f9e3c23)
  • sort tags in dashboard API response (d2fd090)
  • add rake task to clean unused data to improve performance (fc705a2)

Bug Fixes​

  • show JSON view when any error occurs creating the HTML view for a pact. (e4342f0)
  • only show verification matrix number when verification is present (766f7c0)
  • correctly display interaction with nil description in HTML view (56528d3)

v2.17.1 (2018-03-30)​

Bug Fixes​

  • refresh matrix and head_matrix tables (bf36c61)

v2.17.0 (2018-03-30)​


  • ensure migrations in optimise_head_matrix work on mysql (35874a9)

  • show verification number in matrix when viewing all results (5693430)

  • redact auth headers from rack env used to report errors (94f8f13)

  • add api error reporters (579fa39)

  • log debug message when loading configuration setting from database (9ffcc1a)

  • optimise head matrix refresh when adding or deleting tags (263c2a4)

  • disable sinatra dump_errors (d59c7e5)

  • send padrino logs to a file in the log dir by default (7408be0)

  • matrix ui

    • add tooltip explaining the situation when verification date is before pact publication date (fd6e1c9)
    • change default to show all results (f7bea07)

Bug Fixes​

  • ensure publishing a verification does not cause a unique constraint violation (ecfb385)
  • optimize matrix query to speed up lengthy pact publication times (e09d528)
  • ensure matrix is updated when pacticipant is deleted (6c11cbe)
  • delete pacticipant labels before deleting pacticipant (18b9b7e)

v2.16.1 (2018-03-08)​


  • turn off sinatra show_exceptions when rack_env is production (e961afe)
  • add error testing endpoints (4e01407)

v2.16.0 (2018-03-05)​


  • upgrade haml to 5.0 (4415686)

  • upgrade sequel to 5.6 (a37c59a)

  • abbreviate git shas in index and matrix UIs (9a21e10)

  • add latest provider version tag names to dashboard UI (de179d7)

  • created dashboard API (044bab7)

  • matrix

    • make index refresh happen synchronously to prevent data corruption (acd64e6)
    • speed up query to refresh index (011d7c9)
    • refresh head matrix asynchronously to speed up pact publishing and tagging (989e6e3)
    • speed up matrix query for latestby=cvpv and latestby=cvp (6ae039d)
  • index

    • sort verifications by execution date (2523982)
    • show tag names as slugs (117c89b)
  • matrix ui

    • rename "rows" to "results" (2023265)
    • show row count (b50bd9a)
    • remove logic for hiding links until I can get it right (107fca2)
    • correct logic for hiding pact links (825af6d)
    • don't show potentially confusing links for overwritten pact revisions (ed7498a)
    • add links to all resources referenced in matrix (2958ae8)
    • add tags (869d49d)
  • dashboard api

    • correct latest verification results (d02ea24)
    • fix query for displaying dashboard with tags (924aaae)
    • optimise dashboard query by creating manual materialized views for the matrix (494f553)
    • add plain text content type for easy debugging (317a64d)
    • speed up loading of verification tags (a3aea48)
    • include verification tags (e8d0fae)
    • add pact tags (0c79440)

Bug Fixes​

  • matrix

    • correct logic for selecting matrix rows on MySQL (06f6dd4)
    • ensure matrix for latest consumer version/provider version shows correct results when a pact is published, published again for the same version with different content, then published again for the same version with the original content. (679eec1)
  • matrix ui

    • fix provider version sorting (611ab7e)

v2.15.0 (2018-02-26)​


  • upgrade to latest versions of padrino-core and sinatra to fix CVE-2018-7212 (08ba1cb)

  • http

    • set http options globally (cdf36ba)
  • ssl

    • allow single certificates to be uploaded (9417f10)

v2.14.0 (2018-02-15)​


  • matrix ui

  • index

    • add link to show/hide latest tags (412a2d3)
  • change URL for retrieving latest version so that it does not clash with a version called "latest" (8e45062)

  • add endpoints to get latest pacticipant version and latest tagged version (aa60a85)

  • elegantly handle long service names in index. (ad8da50)

Bug Fixes​

  • return overwritten pact publication as latest if non exists as a latest version when rendering verification (8217209)

  • #184 Escape username before asigning it to URI userinfo attribute (81bb779)

  • remove non UTF-8 chars from webhook response bodies before saving the logs to the (UTF-8 encoded) database table (0ee5b0b)

  • ensure webhook dependencies are saved before executing (9a89d07)

  • matrix badge

    • correct status of pact when consumer and provider version tags are specified (0eb7429)

v2.13.1 (2018-01-12)​


  • remove runtime dependency on webrick (1ae7a6e)

v2.13.0 (2018-01-11)​


  • ensure latest pact version is returned when searching by pact version sha (1d2adc6)

  • rename 'pact_publication' trigger type to 'publication' (9fe0ff0)

  • certificates

    • load webhook certificates from database (c72ab28)
  • matrix ui

  • matrix badges

    • add badge for provider/tag and consumer/tag (d69c8e6)
  • verification webhooks

    • update hal browser documentation (c2b31b4)
    • invoke verification webhooks on publication of verification (04ed1cc)
    • alter logic to select only the relevant webhooks when the pact has changed (ec18943)
    • default to contract changed event when no events specified, for backwards compatibility (9fe8d47)
    • add events to webhooks to allow differentiation between pact and verification webhooks (356c023)
  • publish test result

    • allow json test results to be published with the verification result (528034c)

Bug Fixes​

  • create selector objects when viewing matrix URL with consumer and provider (e733bae)

v2.12.0 (2017-11-29)​


  • changed date published to time ago in words, with full date as mouseover (#145) (b28f9c3)

Bug Fixes​

  • fixed issue that caused uninitialized constant PactBroker::Api::Resources::BaseResource (NameError) when running pact_broker with passenger.. (0b21a62)

v2.10.0 (2017-11-11)​


  • prod pacts in index

    • allow all tags to be shown on index (0a1f0ee)
    • allow tags shown in index to be configured via query string (4eca8ee)
    • show pacts tagged as the 'prod' or 'production' versions on the index page (b58b7a3)
  • index page

    • truncate git shas in table (94da4c7)

v2.9.0 (2017-11-09)​


  • webhook templating

    • add support for ${pactbroker.pactUrl} in query and body (0eed596)
  • matrix (note that the matrix resource is still in beta, and there may be breaking changes in the future)

    • allow query to determine if a particular pacticipant version is compatible with the latest tagged versions of all its dependencies (ba4a1cc)

v2.8.0.beta.5 (2017-11-06)​


  • matrix
    • fix matrix data types for MySQL (42c5478)
    • improve reason when no results are found (473abbe)
    • change groupby param to latestby (a6a8ba2)
    • ensure correct row is returned when a pact is revised, then verified (7f37644)
    • return most recent rows first (cfa2109)
    • allow a limit to be specified (2a11334)
    • return most recent rows first (e896b7b)
    • use views to create matrix query (8488212)
    • add matrix view (852324a)

v2.8.0.beta.4 (2017-11-03)​

Bug Fixes​

v2.7.0.beta.3 (2017-11-01)​


  • matrix

    • implement querying by latest without a tag (3d78f79)
    • update query to handle tag and latest flag (c5c800f)
    • update validation of selectors to allow tag and latest flag to be specified (0fa33f1)
    • parse latest=true and tag=TAG in matrix query (abcab9e)
    • update validation to allow latest tag to be specified (6da6e02)
    • allow version to be specified by latest_tag (fe498a7)
  • pacticipant

    • expose repositoryUrl in resource (8f0f16a)

Bug Fixes​

  • correct captialization in require (db2e676)

v2.7.0.beta.2 (2017-10-31)​


  • matrix

    • add reason text to summary (f979210)
    • add text/plain content type for easier visualisation of matrix resource in terminal (bab7720)
    • allow matrix rows to be returned for all versions of a pacticipant (6d37545)
    • allow multiple verification statuses to be queried for using status[]= (fba2771)
    • allow success param to be specified in query params (2fb5817)
    • change query params for matrix to use q[][pacticipant]=? and q[][version]=? (e3913f7)
    • return failure and success lines in matrix response, and a summary indicating whether the specified versions are compatible or not (8783ef8)
    • add method to find all matrix lines for a list of versions, regardless of verification status (52755fd)
    • add pact publication and verification dates to response (f0cc32b)
    • add validation errors to matrix resource (7f91710)
    • allow matrix columns to be sorted (7d22eb8)
    • add simple ui (36f9480)
    • add endpoint for consumer/provider verification matrix (6925dcb)
  • rename 'hal browser' links to 'api browser' (11d3464)

  • use timestamp migrator during app startup (a87f393)

  • convert paths ending in .json to Accept: application/hal+json (d81f129)

  • auth

    • cascade UI before diagnostic api and broker api (1b95461)
  • verifications

    • create and link provider version resource when verification is published (3014a8b)

Bug Fixes​

  • show webhook status as not_run when all triggered webhooks are not_run (2d014b2)

v2.7.0.beta.1 (2017-10-16)​


  • prod pacts in index
    • show pacts tagged as the 'prod' or 'production' versions on the index page (b58b7a3)

v2.6.0 (2017-10-06)​


  • add configuration option for check_for_potential_duplicate_pacticipant_names (6ab3fda)

Bug Fixes​

  • add webhook_retry_schedule and semver_formats to list of configuration options that can be saved to the database (5bab062)
  • delete related triggered webhooks when webhook is deleted (48f9853)
  • use strict mode when using mysql (f991e15)

v2.5.1 (2017-09-26)​

Bug Fixes​

  • badges

v2.5.0 (2017-09-25)​


  • heartbeat resource

  • webhook status

    • delete webhook objects related to previous revisions of a pact when deleting a pact publication (a053623)
    • delete related triggered webhooks and executions when pact publication is deleted (3dc590c)
    • set any triggered webhooks in 'retrying' status to 'failed' on startup (1f2305b)
    • migrate webhook execution data to triggered webhooks (9f46d86)
    • consider http status < 300 to be a webhook failure (7ef595a)
    • log unhandled suckerpunch errors (4cc779d)
    • log number of seconds until next webhook attempt in webhook logs (5d16330)
    • display attempts made and attempts remaining in webhook status resource (648e1c3)
    • move webhook retry schedule to configuration (f2d92f3)
    • ensure triggered webhook and webhook execution objects are saved to database even when webhook fails and response code is 500 (88ba2ac)
    • redact authorization headers in webhook logs (10efddb)
    • implement PUT for webhook resource (7266b1e)
    • add endpoint for triggered webhook execution logs (ad81d20)
  • hal browser

    • use name over title in embedded resource heading (6c61da7)
    • improve readability of link collections (0a9bc8c)
    • use name and title from self link when not specified in embedded resource (354374c)
  • versions resource

    • deprecate versions and pacticipant links in favour of pb:versions and pb:pacticipants (94f395e)
  • badges

    • only cache successful badge responses from (e5f08ad)
    • use simple in-memory cache for badges (2453c55)
    • show message about enabling public badge access when disabled (6fc78ff)
    • show badge in HTML pact and display markdown when clicked (e9b632a)
    • changed configuration property name from 'enable_badge_resources' to 'enable_public_badge_access' (83540e5)
  • resources

    • improve usage of title and name attributes (915a7ee)
  • pact resource

    • improve usage of name and title fields (3a9a178)
    • add link relation for all pact versions (d5ea068)
  • gems

    • upgrade webmachine to 1.5.0 (d23fedc)

Bug Fixes​

  • return correct "latest" verification when a verification has been published for a pact with a revision (f2b4c9f)
  • sequel migration 25 for mysql (920c363)
  • sequel migration 19 for mysql (0ee48e1)

v2.4.2 (2017-09-07)​

Bug Fixes​

v2.4.1 (2017-09-07)​

Bug Fixes​

  • allow resource identifiers to contain escaped forward slashes (d875079)

v2.4.0 (2017-07-31)​

  • 3a03f41 - fix(publish verification result): Fix Location header for newly created resource (Beth Skurrie, Mon Jul 31 10:49:37 2017 +1000)
  • 3b0f390 - feat(pacticipant labels): Add HAL link to pacticipants resource to find pacticipants by label. (Beth Skurrie, Mon Jul 24 08:17:36 2017 +1000)
  • 588d2ad - fix(pacticipant and pacticipants resources): Add correctly capitalised and namespaced properties and relations. Added deprecation warnings to existing incorrect properties and relations. (Beth Skurrie, Mon Jul 24 08:14:52 2017 +1000)
  • ab11f56 - feat(pacticipant labels): Adds embedded label resources to pacticipant resource. (Beth Skurrie, Fri Jul 21 18:03:15 2017 +1000)
  • 57086cf - feat(pacticipant labels): Adds /pacticipants/label/LABEL_NAME resource to retrieve pacticipants by label. (Beth Skurrie, Fri Jul 21 14:07:08 2017 +1000)
  • 4b44331 - feat(pacticipant labels): Adds pacticipant label resource with GET, PUT and DELETE (Beth Skurrie, Fri Jul 21 13:18:18 2017 +1000)
  • c5af7e1 - feat(badges): Allow badge config settings to be saved to/loaded from database (Beth Skurrie, Fri Jul 14 20:50:02 2017 +1000)

2.3.0 (2017-07-14)​

  • 3ac4351 - fix(potential duplicate pacticipant names): Make duplicate logic smarter. Fixes (Beth Skurrie, Tue Jul 11 10:30:11 2017 +1000)
  • 81979b1 - add basic auth example to duplicate pacticipant error/help message (Fitzgerald, Andrew, Mon Jul 10 00:11:25 2017 -0400)
  • bc54321 - feat(badges): Add endpoint to retrieve badge for latest untagged pact (Beth Skurrie, Fri Jul 7 10:15:29 2017 +1000)
  • 5a3b149 - feat(badges): Add endpoint to retrieve badge for latest tagged pact (Beth Skurrie, Fri Jul 7 09:32:24 2017 +1000)
  • 78c888b - feat(badges): Use static images when base URL is not configured. (Beth Skurrie, Fri Jul 7 08:41:35 2017 +1000)
  • b30c368 - feat(badges): Allow base URL to be configured (Beth Skurrie, Fri Jul 7 08:31:47 2017 +1000)
  • d8b2cec - feat(badges): Added configuration for turning badge resources on or off (Beth Skurrie, Fri Jul 7 08:25:48 2017 +1000)
  • 2e43b5f - feat(badges): Added read timeout of 1000ms for HTTP call to create badge. (Beth Skurrie, Thu Jul 6 07:48:39 2017 +1000)
  • 6bdae00 - fix(publish verification): Corrected pact finding params when publishing a verification. (Beth Skurrie, Thu Jul 6 07:30:38 2017 +1000)
  • 2508eba - feat(badges): Allow pacticipant initials to be used where names are too long for the badge (Beth Skurrie, Wed Jul 5 14:49:07 2017 +1000)
  • f7a36b7 - feat(badges): Return static badge when there is an error creating a dynamic one (Beth Skurrie, Wed Jul 5 10:14:18 2017 +1000)
  • 24860b3 - feat(badges): Add badge svg endpoint for latest pact (Beth Skurrie, Tue Jul 4 15:28:28 2017 +1000)

2.2.0 (2017-07-04)​

  • 788c5d0 - chore(gems): Lock rack and red-carpet gem versions for hakiri (Beth Skurrie, Tue Jul 4 10:28:15 2017 +1000)
  • f1abebe - chore(gems): Upgrade pact gems (Beth Skurrie, Tue Jul 4 10:10:55 2017 +1000)
  • 5bccca2 - chore(gems): Upgrade rack-protection and padrino-core gems (Beth Skurrie, Tue Jul 4 10:07:58 2017 +1000)
  • 5c1392d - chore(build): Add code climate test coverage reporter (Beth Skurrie, Tue Jul 4 09:02:09 2017 +1000)
  • 6e73420 - chore(build): Add bundle-audit to build (Beth Skurrie, Tue Jul 4 08:09:49 2017 +1000)
  • de9f493 - fix(pact versions decorator): Corrected use of title and name (Beth Skurrie, Mon Jul 3 19:45:28 2017 +1000)
  • 90d4410 - feat(HTML pact): Add home link to HTML pact (Beth Skurrie, Mon Jul 3 16:57:57 2017 +1000)
  • 4eb2095 - feat(HTML pact): Add tag names next to consumer version number (Beth Skurrie, Mon Jul 3 16:56:56 2017 +1000)
  • 1f66b6d - feat(version): Add HAL links to pacts from version resource (Beth Skurrie, Mon Jul 3 16:34:34 2017 +1000)
  • 3f61fb3 - feat(retrieve latest pact): Add HAL links for latest-untagged and latest/{tag} (Beth Skurrie, Mon Jul 3 16:17:54 2017 +1000)

2.1.1 (2017-07-03)​

  • f7af21a - fix(gemspec) (Beth Skurrie, Mon Jul 3 09:53:02 2017 +1000)

2.1.0 (2017-07-03)​

  • 53f0b5e - feat(get latest untagged pact): Add /latest-untagged endpoint to return the latest untagged pact (Beth Skurrie, Mon Jul 3 08:31:18 2017 +1000)
  • a963fce - Add pact_broker:db:version task. (Beth Skurrie, Thu Jun 29 20:29:55 2017 +1000)
  • 7ee134f - Add basic auth (authentication) to the UI, but no authorization (Beth Skurrie, Mon Jun 26 10:44:07 2017 +1000)

2.0.5 (2017-06-15)​

  • e924c96 - Fixed webhook deletion bug (Beth Skurrie, Tue Jun 13 10:04:33 2017 +1000)

2.0.4 (2017-06-02)​

  • 99e1c25 - Turn off http_origin checking for (Beth Skurrie, Fri Jun 2 16:27:38 2017 +1000)
  • e58f609 - Add favicon.ico (Beth Skurrie, Mon May 29 15:02:22 2017 +1000)
  • 2780f0a - Add pull request guidelines. (Beth Skurrie, Mon May 29 11:45:04 2017 +1000)

2.0.3 (2017-05-17)​

  • c03b871 - Make specs pass for sqlite, postgres and mysql. At the same time. Amazing. (Beth Skurrie, Sun May 28 10:22:20 2017 +1000)
  • ae2b62f - Remove inner query from latest_verifications definition for MySQL (#105) (Beth Skurrie, Sat May 27 15:11:26 2017 +1000)
  • f451d35 - Add mysql build to travis for #106 (Beth Skurrie, Sat May 27 15:09:42 2017 +1000)
  • 91178c2 - Altering config and travis to run against sqlite and postgres. (Beth Skurrie, Sat May 27 14:08:34 2017 +1000)
  • 4c52061 - Use a simpler and more efficient algorithm for updating version orders. (Beth Skurrie, Mon May 22 13:29:07 2017 +1000)
  • ba5b60c - Created indexes on pacticipant, version and tag tables. #87 (Beth Skurrie, Sun May 21 16:18:49 2017 +1000)
  • 0ffad10 - Do not validate incoming consumer version number if order_versions_by_date is true. (Beth Skurrie, Sun May 21 15:46:54 2017 +1000)

2.0.2 (2017-05-17)​

  • 0e4d4bf - Add missing require for migration_helper (Beth Skurrie, Fri May 19 14:16:38 2017 +1000)

2.0.1 (2017-05-17)​

  • 8d105aa - Allow an application version to be deleted via the API. (Beth Skurrie, Fri May 19 10:39:16 2017 +1000)
  • 025b0f7 - Ensure version numbers that don't conform to the semver2 spec don't cause errors when sorting versions. #103 (Beth Skurrie, Fri May 19 09:58:50 2017 +1000)
  • ca6d88e - Corrected hal link rels that had missing curies (prepended "pb:") (Beth Skurrie, Thu May 18 10:20:06 2017 +1000)
  • 1cabd5e - Use Rack::Protection. (Beth Skurrie, Tue May 16 10:13:40 2017 +1000)
  • 2a3bbd1 - Return 404 instead of 500 when Ruby standard URI lib can't parse the URI. (Beth Skurrie, Tue May 16 09:45:37 2017 +1000)

2.0.0 (2017-05-16)​

2.0.0.beta.8 (2017-05-15)​

  • e931b48 - Enable configuration settings to be saved to and loaded from the database. (Beth Skurrie, Mon May 15 12:34:44 2017 +1000)
  • c3976e4 - Set timezones so dates in the UI and API are shown in the configured local time. (Beth Skurrie, Mon May 15 08:53:13 2017 +1000)
  • 4da62e8 - Add publication date of latest pact to UI front page. (Beth Skurrie, Sun May 14 08:38:42 2017 +1000)
  • 8633b08 - Set X-Pact-Broker-Version header in all responses (Beth Skurrie, Fri May 12 16:39:09 2017 +1000)

2.0.0.beta.7 (2017-05-12)​

  • 741bf96 - Include information about missing verifications in the latest verifications resource. Only set success to be true when all pacts have been successfully verified. (Beth Skurrie, Fri May 12 14:59:48 2017 +1000)
  • 64f20c6 - Allow one, two or three "parts" in the application version number. Eg. 12, 3.4 and 1.2.400 are all valid. (Beth Skurrie, Wed May 10 16:19:07 2017 +1000)

2.0.0.beta.6 (2017-05-09)​

  • 8f1c911 - Ensure all resources provide application/hal+json. (Beth Skurrie, Tue May 9 18:32:37 2017 +1000)

2.0.0.beta.5 (2017-05-08)​

  • 4b88c4d - Add success flag to the resource for the latest verifications for a consumer version to indicate the overall success or failure of the verification results for that version. (Beth Skurrie, Mon May 8 10:54:31 2017 +1000)

2.0.0.beta.4 (2017-05-02)​

  • e5c14d1 - Renamed verification to verification-result in link relations and URLs (Beth Skurrie, Tue May 2 13:04:01 2017 +1000)
  • 803ea44 - Add endpoint to show a verification. (Beth Skurrie, Mon May 1 08:52:12 2017 +1000)

2.0.0.beta.3 (2017-04-29)​

  • 7059a7e - Insert pact_publications without a specified ID so that the inbuilt sequence is kept in sync. (Beth Skurrie, Sat Apr 29 15:16:12 2017 +1000)

2.0.0.beta.2 (2017-04-29)​

  • 1dfef17 - Cleaned up migrations and ensured migrations run on postgresql. (Beth Skurrie, Fri Apr 28 21:24:20 2017 +1000)

2.0.0.beta.1 (2017-04-28)​

  • 049bc5c - Added tooltip to verification date to show provider version. (Beth Skurrie, Fri Apr 28 10:05:13 2017 +1000)
  • 4287c99 - Add tooltip text to last verified date when pact has changed since last verification. (Beth Skurrie, Fri Apr 28 09:02:59 2017 +1000)
  • 7351ec8 - Add restrictions for all gem versions in gemspec. Fix formatting in haml file. (Beth Skurrie, Thu Apr 27 19:55:04 2017 +1000)
  • a836b56 - Add last verified date for each pact to landing page of application UI. (Beth Skurrie, Tue Apr 25 17:03:06 2017 +1000)
  • c7589c9 - Use latest ruby-2.3.4 for development. (Tan Le, Mon Apr 24 23:05:27 2017 +1000)
  • 46b87f9 - Use latest ruby patches for CI. (Tan Le, Mon Apr 24 23:00:12 2017 +1000)
  • 7c17c62 - Required at least ruby-2.2.0 as we move along ruby release schedule. (Tan Le, Mon Apr 24 22:54:52 2017 +1000)
  • 66a2f3b - Added pb:publish-verification HAL link to pact resource. (Beth Skurrie, Fri Apr 21 16:09:55 2017 +1000)
  • f2110ac - Replacing versionomy with semver2 for parsing version numbers according to semver 2.0.0 ( (Danilo Sato, Thu Apr 20 11:48:49 2017 -0400)
  • 1f6045a - Added with information about the tables and views. (Beth Skurrie, Tue Apr 18 11:35:39 2017 +1000)
  • 77eaf7b - Added pb:latest-verifications link to version resource. (Beth Skurrie, Tue Apr 11 16:25:45 2017 +1000)
  • aaf44d9 - Added endpoint to view the latest verifications for a given consumer version. (Beth Skurrie, Tue Apr 11 11:16:03 2017 +1000)

1.18.0 (2017-05-09)​

  • 397060b - Display application versions in reverse order in the Versions resource. (Beth Skurrie, Tue May 9 13:59:54 2017 +1000)
  • 251c878 - Allow application versions to be ordered by creation date where no consistent orderable object can be extracted from the consumer application version. (Beth Skurrie, Tue May 9 13:22:36 2017 +1000)
  • 68bb6d9 - Execute webhooks using sucker punch. (Beth Skurrie, Mon May 8 10:32:45 2017 +1000)

1.17.2 (2017-05-04)​

  • b8f45e1 - fix issue with pact document link not displaying #94 (Matt Fellows, Wed May 3 11:23:09 2017 +1000)

1.17.1 (2017-05-02)​

  • 7576bc2 - Fix 500 error in webhooks endpoint. (Beth Skurrie, Tue May 2 14:35:06 2017 +1000)
  • 7351ec8 - Add restrictions for all gem versions in gemspec. Fix formatting in haml file. (Beth Skurrie, Thu Apr 27 19:55:04 2017 +1000)

1.17.0 (2017-04-26)​

  • 5cbb9da - Added pb:publish-pact to HAL index (Beth Skurrie, Wed Apr 26 08:39:15 2017 +1000)
  • 36842d1 - Set database connection timezone to UTC in example (Beth Skurrie, Tue Apr 25 16:18:58 2017 +1000)
  • c7589c9 - Use latest ruby-2.3.4 for development. (Tan Le, Mon Apr 24 23:05:27 2017 +1000)
  • 46b87f9 - Use latest ruby patches for CI. (Tan Le, Mon Apr 24 23:00:12 2017 +1000)
  • 7c17c62 - Required at least ruby-2.2.0 as we move along ruby release schedule. (Tan Le, Mon Apr 24 22:54:52 2017 +1000)

1.16.0 (2017-04-10)​

  • 990575f - Added HTML content type for request to get a specific version of a pact. As per request in (Beth Skurrie, Mon Apr 10 15:34:28 2017 +1000)
  • b47b8d8 - Use /versions rather than /version in test endpoint. Singular will be deprecated. (Beth Skurrie, Fri Apr 7 16:03:19 2017 +1000)
  • dd4daee - Removed version restriction for pact_broker gem in the example Gemfile. This will avoid a repetition of the twisted dependencies fixed by (Beth Skurrie, Tue Apr 4 09:53:39 2017 +1000)
  • e447b3f - Updated sqlite database. (Beth Skurrie, Mon Apr 3 08:25:41 2017 +1000)
  • 149efc0 - Update REAME to reflect 2.4 support. (Tan Le, Fri Mar 31 21:42:47 2017 +1100)

1.15.0 (2017-03-28)​

  • 588c33e - Adds versions decorator spec (Ivan Vojinovic, Wed Feb 22 00:00:46 2017 -0500)
  • c4a7daf - Adds pacticipant versions endpoint (Ivan Vojinovic, Tue Feb 21 21:15:39 2017 -0500)
  • 06bcbc8 - Added ruby 2.4.0 to travis.yml (Beth Skurrie, Tue Mar 28 19:09:06 2017 +1100)
  • 6d7653b - Bump pact_broker version to 1.14.0 to resolve twisted dependencies. (Tan Le, Mon Mar 27 22:36:22 2017 +1100)
  • c8eeab4 - Remove trailblazer dependency. (Tan Le, Mon Mar 27 21:56:43 2017 +1100)
  • e62c5ec - Added copyright year and owner. (Beth Skurrie, Fri Mar 24 10:39:39 2017 +1100)
  • 5007f5b - Bump trailblazer version due to roar compatibility. (Tan Le, Mon Feb 20 10:22:41 2017 +1100)
  • 4865948 - Bump reform and friends versions. (Tan Le, Wed Feb 15 09:16:29 2017 +1100)
  • 0920e45 - Add hosted pact broker to usage section in README (Matt Fellows, Sat Feb 4 11:28:36 2017 +1100)

1.14.0 (2017-01-30)​

  • 83ac7a5 - Adds ability to delete tags (Ivan Vojinovic, Fri Jan 27 15:19:51 2017 -0500)

1.13.0 (2017-01-18)​

  • b9b67b3 - Adds the spec for pact versions endpoint, and corrects the file name for the provider pacts spec (Ivan Vojinovic, Tue Jan 17 23:43:03 2017 -0500)
  • ace427e - Adds the spec for pact versions endpoint, and corrects the file name for the provider pacts spec (Ivan Vojinovic, Tue Jan 17 23:36:33 2017 -0500)
  • 8b14b35 - Adds endpoint for (and fixes) pact_versions (Ivan Vojinovic, Mon Jan 16 21:12:02 2017 -0500)

1.12.0 (2016-12-09)​

  • 67779ac - add pb:latest-provider-pacts-with-tag to index.rb (Olga Vasylchenko, Thu Dec 8 16:02:19 2016 +0100)
  • cdfa17b - upgrade default sqlite db to current migration level (Bo Daley, Wed Nov 30 14:37:54 2016 -0500)

1.11.2 (2016-11-25)​

  • 43f2373 - Added require to hopefully fix broken build. (Bethany Skurrie, Thu Nov 24 07:47:07 2016 +1100)
  • f747e09 - Removed ruby 2.1 build as it is failing (Beth Skurrie, Wed Nov 9 13:42:08 2016 +1100)
  • 2dd77a5 - Added extra pact version to example database so that the diff feature could be explored. (Beth, Wed Nov 9 10:07:33 2016 +1100)
  • 5c04c59 - Updated trailblazer gem to ~>0.3.0 and fixed pact diff spec. (Beth, Wed Nov 9 10:05:53 2016 +1100)
  • 8102ac9 - Use respond_to?(:acts_like_time?) instead of acts_like?(:time) as it blows up (Beth, Sun Nov 6 12:00:30 2016 +1100)

1.11.1 (2016-10-13)​

  • 14381ac - Fix issue #59 Error when executing web hook with body. (Beth Skurrie, Thu Oct 13 12:50:17 2016 +1100)

1.11.0 (2016-08-13)​

  • 18ffc4a - Add conflict guards to pact merger (Steve Pletcher, Fri Aug 5 12:31:30 2016 -0400)

1.10.0 (2016-08-01)​

  • efdde13 - Add ability to merge pacts via PATCH requests (Steve Pletcher, Thu Jul 28 16:29:22 2016 -0400)

1.9.3 (2016-06-27)​

  • f57db36 - Clarify that pact_broker will only work with ruby >= 2.0 (Sergei Matheson, Mon Jun 27 11:06:40 2016 +1000)
  • a1742b8 - Correct release instructions (Sergei Matheson, Mon Jun 27 11:03:03 2016 +1000)
  • 7d0f362 - Update default dev ruby version to 2.3.1 (Sergei Matheson, Mon Jun 27 11:00:40 2016 +1000)
  • 42dc7fe - Update to ruby 2.3.1 in travis (Sergei Matheson, Tue May 3 10:46:46 2016 +1000)
  • df9a910 - Fix for Webmock 2.0.0 behaviour change. (Sergei Matheson, Fri Apr 29 13:19:57 2016 +1000)

1.9.2 (2016-04-29)​

  • 6d4ce4f - Update default dev ruby version to 2.3.0 (Sergei Matheson, Fri Apr 29 11:39:59 2016 +1000)
  • 039fce9 - Add release instructions (Sergei Matheson, Fri Apr 29 10:42:17 2016 +1000)
  • d48a1fa - Append charset=utf-8 in json error response (Taiki Ono, Tue Mar 15 21:11:59 2016 +0900)
  • 7f34940 - Remove unused variable (Taiki Ono, Tue Mar 15 21:06:23 2016 +0900)
  • e932c28 - Append charset=utf-8 to Content-Type header (Taiki Ono, Tue Mar 15 17:54:48 2016 +0900)
  • 6252c1c - Does not change YAML::ENGINE.yamler (Taiki Ono, Sun Mar 13 22:03:41 2016 +0900)
  • 9f02474 - Update Travis CI setting with new Rubies (Taiki Ono, Sun Mar 13 21:19:17 2016 +0900)
  • 5a506dc - Belatedly, updated changelog (Sergei Matheson, Fri Feb 26 09:30:46 2016 +1100)

1.9.1 (2016-02-26)​

  • e6e6d49 - Release version 1.9.1 (Sergei Matheson, Fri Feb 26 09:26:52 2016 +1100)
  • 5ea7607 - Merge pull request #44 from sigerber/master (Beth Skurrie, Thu Feb 25 14:39:17 2016 +1100)
  • ade2599 - Fix performance of groupify (Horia Musat and Simon Gerber, Wed Feb 24 14:50:39 2016 +1100)
  • 38869ad - Return a 409 when there is a potential duplicate pacticipant name when publishing a pact. (Beth, Thu Nov 5 17:43:32 2015 +1100)
  • 2991441 - Merge pull request #42 from bethesque/issue-41 (Beth Skurrie, Fri Oct 23 15:52:39 2015 +1100)
  • 933981c - Now supports HTTPS webhooks (Warner Godfrey, Fri Oct 23 14:48:28 2015 +1100)
  • 2123ff1 - Merge pull request #40 from elgalu/travis-badge (Beth Skurrie, Thu Oct 15 06:40:09 2015 +1100)
  • 88cea3f - Add TravisCI badge in (Leo Gallucci, Wed Oct 14 17:02:52 2015 +0200)
  • b54c5c6 - Merge pull request #38 from gitter-badger/gitter-badge (Beth Skurrie, Tue Sep 29 15:37:27 2015 +1000)
  • 42e9bc2 - Add Gitter badge (The Gitter Badger, Tue Sep 29 04:51:17 2015 +0000)
  • 711ac85 - Merge pull request #37 from elgalu/ruby-2.1.3 (Beth Skurrie, Fri Sep 18 06:42:47 2015 +1000)
  • 40ddb97 - Add ruby 2.1.3 and set as default (Leo Gallucci, Thu Sep 17 16:19:09 2015 +0200)
  • a1fa248 - Updated example with postgres details (Beth, Thu Sep 17 09:25:09 2015 +1000)
  • 383d137 - Create LICENSE.txt (Beth Skurrie, Mon Aug 24 06:29:50 2015 +1000)

1.9.0 (2015-08-19)​

  • eda171e - Allow pact broker API to be run using Rack map at an arbitrary path. e.g. "/foo/pacts". Note, this does not work for the UI. (Beth, Wed Aug 19 08:44:21 2015 +1000)

1.9.0.rc1 (2015-07-19)​

  • c855a2c - Support case insensitive resource names (Beth Skurrie, Sun Jul 19 17:28:55 2015 +1000)
  • 7ea3e61 - Update pact_broker.gemspec (Beth Skurrie, Tue Jul 14 09:02:30 2015 +1000)
  • f299cfd - Added logging for publishing and deleting pacts (Beth Skurrie, Wed Jul 8 16:00:58 2015 +1000)
  • 67f0edb - Log error when contract cannot be parsed to a Pact (Beth Skurrie, Wed Jul 8 15:54:29 2015 +1000)
  • 57caf63 - Double ensure that tables are created with UTF-8 encoding (Beth Skurrie, Fri Jul 3 15:46:46 2015 +1000)

1.8.1 (2015-06-30)​

  • d0d466d - Avoid making a query for tags for each pact shown on the Pacts page (Beth Skurrie, Tue Jun 30 06:42:09 2015 +1000)

1.8.0 (2015-05-28)​

  • 6c40e9c - Added ability to specify a tag when retrieving pacts for a given provider (Beth Skurrie, Thu May 28 09:03:46 2015 +1000)
  • dda9f1d - Added endpoint to retrieve latest pacts by provider (Beth Skurrie, Sun May 10 21:28:33 2015 +1000)
  • 21e676a - Pact broker example for heroku with basic auth (BrunoChauvet, Sat Apr 25 13:04:54 2015 +1000)

1.7.0 (2015-03-20)​

  • a26402c - Allow configuration of version parsing. (Beth Skurrie, Tue Apr 14 09:39:05 2015 +1000)

1.6.0 (2015-03-20)​

  • e20e657 - Added support for JSON contracts that are not in the Pact format (e.g. top level is an array) (Beth Skurrie, Fri Mar 20 19:12:46 2015 +1100)

1.5.0 (2015-02-20)​

  • b848ce3 - Added healthcheck endpoint for database dependency. /diagnostic/status/dependencies (Beth, Fri Feb 20 09:41:16 2015 +1100)
  • 56ea4a6 - Added heartbeat endpoint for monitoring. /diagnostic/status/heartbeat (Beth, Fri Feb 20 08:49:51 2015 +1100)
  • dbdb4fb - Upgraded webmachine gem to 1.3.1 (Beth, Wed Feb 11 21:49:55 2015 +1100)
  • 111f088 - Added validation to ensure that the encoding for the database connection is set to UTF8. This is required to ensure the pact_version_content_sha foreign key works. (Beth, Wed Feb 11 20:03:34 2015 +1100)

1.4.0 (2015-01-20)​

  • d740fb0 - Removed pact-versions rel from pact resource. Pact versions resource is not implemented yet. (Beth, Tue Jan 20 09:20:52 2015 +1100)
  • bd6e63e - Handle case where there is no previous distinct version when displaying diff (Beth, Tue Jan 20 09:17:21 2015 +1100)
  • d032ce1 - Changed pact icon on Pacts page to look more like a pact. (Beth, Wed Dec 24 09:58:35 2014 +1100)
  • dbf67aa - Added endpoint for previous distinct pact version. (Beth, Mon Dec 22 14:08:07 2014 +1100)
  • bde72f9 - Added migration to change pacts table to UTF8 (Beth, Mon Dec 22 11:45:09 2014 +1100)
  • 8f587b7 - Modified pact HAL rels. (Beth, Mon Dec 22 11:41:10 2014 +1100)
  • b813c0d - Renamed Relationships to Pacts. It was confusing. (Beth, Mon Dec 22 10:25:27 2014 +1100)
  • 00d81aa - Changed diff resource to text/plain, added dates (Beth, Sun Dec 14 17:05:18 2014 +1100)
  • 8f05772 - Set timezone to utc for test db connection (Beth, Sun Dec 14 17:04:16 2014 +1100)
  • 407fa74 - Added link from HAL browser to home (Beth, Sat Dec 13 19:54:53 2014 +1100)
  • a62faa9 - Adding missing docs (Beth, Sat Dec 13 19:51:36 2014 +1100)
  • ec04e77 - Added HAL link to diff with previous distinct version (Beth, Fri Dec 12 08:31:12 2014 +1100)
  • fe5f1d6 - Added endpoint to see the diff between a pact and the previous distinct version. (Beth, Thu Dec 11 17:35:22 2014 +1100)
  • f802641 - Added version endpoint. (Beth, Wed Dec 10 13:06:13 2014 +1100)
  • 715f49d - Force documentation window in HAL browser to be longer. This used to display correctly, but has somehow become quite short. Don't know what changed. (Beth, Tue Dec 9 18:47:53 2014 +1100)
  • 25e612b - Removed curie from self links (Beth, Wed Dec 3 21:14:23 2014 +1100)
  • 5cc922e - Added script to publish test pact. (Beth, Wed Dec 3 20:26:31 2014 +1100)
  • f468b2c - Changed Padrino to log to stdout. :null creates a StringIO, don't want to hog memory. (Beth, Wed Dec 3 20:25:05 2014 +1100)

1.3.2.rc1 (2014-12-03)​

  • a2413f4 - Stop Padrino trying to create a log file in the gem directory (Beth, Wed Dec 3 13:16:06 2014 +1100)
  • abf9459 - Added DELETE endpoint for pact resource (Beth, Wed Nov 19 17:45:34 2014 +1100)
  • 1d01937 - Set default encoding to utf-8 in example app. This is required for the sha foreign key to work between the pact table and the pact_version_content table. (Beth, Tue Nov 18 22:35:51 2014 +1100)
  • 9e3401e - Save all the space! Reuse the same pact_version_content when one with the same sha1 already exists in the database. (Beth, Tue Nov 18 20:27:59 2014 +1100)
  • 84ab8ad - Creating example pact_broker_database.sqlite3 with the Zoo App/Animal Service pact (Beth, Tue Nov 18 17:30:25 2014 +1100)
  • d767b0d - Fixed query for all pacts when pact has more than one tag (Beth, Mon Nov 17 20:44:01 2014 +1100)
  • 21563c6 - Changed date to use day name and month name instead of numbers (Beth, Wed Nov 12 16:19:19 2014 +1100)
  • 7766b77 - Added count to relationships page. (Beth, Mon Nov 3 11:06:05 2014 +1100)

1.3.1 (2014-10-23)​

  • e61b40e - Added Travis configuration. (Beth, Fri Oct 17 16:32:26 2014 +1100)
  • b320fe4 - Fixed pact publish validation for ruby 1.9.3 (Beth, Fri Oct 17 16:31:41 2014 +1100)
  • b9b4d2b - Added validation to ensure that the participant names in the path match the participant names in the pact. (Beth, Thu Oct 16 20:21:10 2014 +1100)

1.3.0 (2014-10-14)​

  • ed08811 - Converted raw SQL create view statements to Sequel so they will run on Postgres (Beth, Sat Oct 11 22:07:37 2014 +1100)
  • 457edf4 - Added syntax highlighting to JSON in autogenerated HTML docs. (Beth, Wed Sep 24 22:12:14 2014 +1000)

1.2.0 (2014-09-22)​

  • 0ccde50 - Made webhook creation code more Webmachiney. (Beth, Tue Sep 16 10:07:56 2014 +1000)
  • 4c628e5 - Using localtime to display dates. (Beth, Fri Aug 29 13:32:20 2014 +1000)
  • 7d99c51 - Fixed HAL Browser link - page title was stopping it being clickable (Beth, Fri Sep 5 16:41:03 2014 +1000)
  • 8ba3be0 - Updating spec task for latest rspec (Beth, Fri Sep 5 16:40:10 2014 +1000)
  • fcc25eb - Updated pact gem (Beth, Tue Aug 26 18:45:31 2014 +1000)
  • 5d0d3dc - Added pact versions link to the pact response (Beth, Tue Aug 26 07:54:26 2014 +1000)
  • 16971ff - Added method to find distinct pacts between a consumer and provider (Beth, Tue Aug 26 07:41:54 2014 +1000)
  • 4798c09 - Added pact versions endpoint. (Beth, Mon Aug 25 22:23:48 2014 +1000)
  • e1f8c97 - Changed 'Date published' to display pact.updated_at date instead of created_at date (Beth, Mon Aug 25 07:37:58 20
  • 39eac31 - Fixed pact-webhooks rel title (Beth, Sun Aug 24 17:54:05 2014 +1000)
  • f6fc9f7 - Added latest-pact rel to pact representation (Beth, Sun Aug 24 17:51:08 2014 +1000)
  • 08b088c - Added method to pacticipant_service to find potentially duplicated pacticipants (Beth, Sat Aug 23 08:32:34 2014 +
  • 24e8d5d - Adding support for creating a pacticipant through the API (as distinct from it being auto created by publishing a
  • dc4d4aa - Set DB timezone to UTC. (Beth, Thu Aug 21 17:30:41 2014 +1000)
  • 19693fa - Added pact metadata to HTML view (Beth, Thu Aug 21 17:30:23 2014 +1000)

1.1.0 (2014-08-21)​

  • d25395b - Fixed pacts failing to publish because of too deeply nested JSON (Beth, Tue Aug 19 11:13:02 2014 +1000)
  • 9288c98 - Saving password in Base64 just so it is not plain text. WIP (Beth, Tue Aug 19 09:14:53 2014 +1000)
  • 6a40151 - Added username and password to webhook request (Beth, Mon Aug 18 22:02:48 2014 +1000)
  • 6eb0d70 - Added mouseover for relationship paths (Beth, Fri Aug 15 15:38:56 2014 +1000)
  • 8e916fc - Added clickable relationship links (Beth, Fri Aug 15 11:37:57 2014 +1000)
  • 7fc6418 - Added webhook HAL documentation. (Beth, Tue Aug 12 17:17:08 2014 +1000)
  • 434fbe8 - Added useful rels to help navigate between webhook resources. (Beth, Tue Aug 12 09:14:08 2014 +1000)
  • 959675b - Adding description to webhooks link (Beth, Mon Aug 11 21:46:39 2014 +1000)
  • 9cbf2b1 - Added webhook test execution endpoint. (Beth, Mon Aug 11 21:37:47 2014 +1000)
  • 6bdfd16 - Webhooks belonging to a pacticipant will be deleted when the pacticipant is deleted. (Beth, Mon Aug 11 14:16:50 2014 +1000)
  • 27572e2 - WIP - ensuring webhook executes when a pact version is overridden and changed. (Beth, Fri Aug 8 16:59:48 2014 +1000)
  • 2469ad5 - Adding webhook DELETE (Beth, Fri Aug 8 16:45:48 2014 +1000)
  • 7ae9b59 - Adding code to execte webhook and to detect when pact content has changed (Beth, Fri Aug 8 10:13:16 2014 +1000)
  • c8289fb - Adding /webhooks resource (Beth, Thu Aug 7 16:57:27 2014 +1000)
  • 2d818ee - Added endpoint to retrieve webhook by UUID (Beth, Thu Aug 7 14:35:04 2014 +1000)
  • 25c3866 - Completed web hooks resource. (Beth, Wed Aug 6 11:38:39 2014 +1000)
  • a59e46e - Started work on webhooks (Beth, Sat Aug 2 18:12:16 2014 +1000)
  • 56d9ae5 - Return 400 error for pacts with invalid JSON (Beth, Sat Aug 2 07:08:39 2014 +1000)
  • 884aa06 - Added links from relationship page to group. (Beth, Thu Jul 31 20:05:55 2014 +1000)
  • 642570e - Adding group UI endpoint. (Beth, Thu Jul 31 17:36:37 2014 +1000)
  • 3609028 - Adding a group resource (Beth, Mon Jul 28 09:11:46 2014 +1000)
  • 437df9e - Added created_at and updated_at timestamps to all objects. (Beth, Fri Jul 25 16:53:46 2014 +1000)
  • 594f160 - Turning exception showing on (Beth, Fri Jul 25 08:59:57 2014 +1000)
  • 7250a51 - Updated to pact 1.3.0 (Beth, Thu Jul 24 12:13:38 2014 +1000)
  • 9824247 - Implemented DELETE for pacticipant resource (Beth, Tue Jun 10 17:32:26 2014 +1000)
  • 1c65600 - Swapped links and properties order in the HAL browser, because the documents are large, and scrolling to the bottom of the page to click around is annoying. (Beth, Fri Jun 6 10:19:47 2014 +1000)

1.0.0 (2014-06-06)​

  • ed25adb - Sorting relationships by consumer name, then provider name. (Beth, Wed May 21 15:13:39 2014 +1000)
  • 7aae530 - Releasing version 1.0.0.alpha3 (Beth, Mon May 19 15:44:33 2014 +1000)
  • 53e24cb - Increased json_content size from text to mediumtext (16MB) (Beth, Mon May 19 15:43:32 2014 +1000)
  • 1f65546 - Releasing 1.0.0.alpha2 (Beth, Mon May 19 12:49:42 2014 +1000)
  • 3714ab5 - Adding network graph spike files (Beth, Sat May 17 21:12:04 2014 +1000)
  • 73e2b81 - Implemented finding latest pact by tag (Beth, Sat May 17 17:56:58 2014 +1000)
  • bfa62cc - Changed /pact to /pacts because it is more RESTy (Beth, Sat May 17 12:22:55 2014 +1000)
  • 91c8fab - Releasing 1.0.0.alpha1 (Beth, Fri May 9 15:21:13 2014 +1000)
  • f497f13 - Made HtmlPactRenderer configurable in case shokkenki want to use the PactBroker ;) (Beth, Fri May 9 14:20:38 2014 +1000)
  • 5343019 - Added Relationship UI (Beth, Fri May 9 12:23:30 2014 +1000)
  • f7270a6 - Added HTML rendering of latest pact. Added /relationships CSV endpoint. (Beth, Thu May 8 16:17:52 2014 +1000)
  • 264e16b - Created nice interface for making a pact_broker instance (Beth, Sat Apr 26 16:43:07 2014 +1000)
  • 8001792 - Added HAL browser (Beth, Wed Apr 23 13:31:25 2014 +1000)
  • 8c94d1f - Creating example app (Beth, Wed Apr 23 13:06:40 2014 +1000)

0.0.10 (2014-06-06)​

  • 24daeea - Added task to delete pacticipant (bethesque Tue May 20 11:59:10 2014 +1000)
  • 53e24cb - Increased json_content size from text to mediumtext (16MB) (bethesque Mon May 19 15:43:32 2014 +1000)
  • 73e2b81 - Implemented finding latest pact by tag (bethesque Sat May 17 17:56:58 2014 +1000)
  • bfa62cc - Changed /pact to /pacts because it is more RESTy (bethesque Sat May 17 12:22:55 2014 +1000)
  • a7a8e0d - Upgraded padrino (bethesque Sat May 17 12:20:57 2014 +1000)
  • 94c7c38 - Setting gem versions in gemspec (bethesque Fri May 9 15:22:37 2014 +1000)
  • f497f13 - Made HtmlPactRenderer configurable in case shokkenki want to use the PactBroker ;) (bethesque Fri May 9 14:20:38 2014 +1000)
  • 1d35da4 - Added sort to relationships list (bethesque Fri May 9 13:56:55 2014 +1000)
  • 000f8a6 - Added HAL Browser link (bethesque Fri May 9 13:39:56 2014 +1000)
  • 85e0a1d - Redirecting index to relationships page (bethesque Fri May 9 13:15:55 2014 +1000)
  • 5343019 - Added Relationship UI (bethesque Fri May 9 12:23:30 2014 +1000)
  • f7270a6 - Added HTML rendering of latest pact. (bethesque Thu May 8 16:17:52 2014 +1000)

0.0.10 (2014-03-24)​

  • 7aee2ae - Implemented version tagging (bethesque 2 days ago)
  • cc78f92 - Added 'latest' pact url to pact representation in the 'latest pacts' response (bethesque 2 days ago)

0.0.9 (2014-02-27)​

  • d07f4b7 - Using default gem publish tasks (bethesque 4 weeks ago)
  • d60b7ee - Comment (bethesque 7 weeks ago)
  • 836347c - Using local pacts (bethesque 7 weeks ago)
  • a2cb2bb - Fixed bug querying mysql DB, rather than sqlite (bethesque 7 weeks ago)
  • 9d5f83b - Using the to_json options to pass in the base_url instead of the nasty hack. (bethesque 4 months ago)
  • adb6148 - Changed 'last' to 'latest' (bethesque 4 months ago)

0.0.8 (2013-11-18)​

  • 6022baa - Changed name to title in list pacticipants response (bethesque 7 hours ago)
  • 13fde52 - Moving resources module under the Api module. (bethesque 8 hours ago)
  • f52c572 - Added HAL index (bethesque 8 hours ago)

0.0.7 (2013-11-15)​

  • 7984d86 - Added title to each item in the pacts/latest links array (bethesque 83 seconds ago)

0.0.6 (2013-11-15)​

  • 021faae - Refactoring resources to DRY out code (bethesque 18 hours ago)
  • bab0367 - Cleaning up the base_url setting hack. (bethesque 19 hours ago)
  • f6df613 - Renamed representors to decorators (bethesque 19 hours ago)
  • 3e89c20 - Created BaseDecorator (bethesque 19 hours ago)
  • e5c3f88 - Changing from representors to decorators (bethesque 19 hours ago)
  • b2eeb6f - Added back resource_exists? implementation in pacticipant resource - accidental deletion. (bethesque 19 hours ago)
  • 1962a05 - Ever so slightly less hacky way of handling PATCH (bethesque 21 hours ago)
  • 587e9c1 - First go at trying to use a dynamic base URL - to be continued (bethesque 2 days ago)
  • ab9c185 - Including URLs for the dynamically calculated latest pact, not the hard link to the latest pact. (bethesque 2 days ago)
  • 5621e41 - Beginning change from Roar Representor to Decoractor. Updating to new 'latest pact' URL (bethesque 2 days ago)
  • d1bd995 - Adding missing PactBroker::Logging require (bethesque 2 days ago)

0.0.5 (2013-11-13)​

  • 2cf987c - Added data migration to script which adds order column (bethesque 56 minutes ago)
  • 9c709a9 - Changing queries to use new order column. (bethesque 61 minutes ago)
  • 173f231 - Renaming var (bethesque 65 minutes ago)
  • f9be93d - Renamed SortVersions to OrderVersions (bethesque 66 minutes ago)
  • ca6e479 - Added SortVersions as an after version save hook (bethesque 69 minutes ago)
  • 23cd1a3 - Adding order column to version table (bethesque 11 hours ago)
  • c504e5f - Fixing application/json+hal to application/hal+json (bethesque 2 days ago)
  • 1d24b9b - Removing old sinatra API (bethesque 2 days ago)
  • fd1832c - WIP. Converting to use Webmachine (bethesque 2 days ago)
  • 0b096a4 - Redoing the the URLs yet again (bethesque 3 days ago)
  • 0934d89 - Implementing list latest pacts (bethesque 3 days ago)
  • ed2d354 - Changed one_to_one associations to many_to_one (bethesque 4 days ago)
  • 28de0ea - WIP implementing pacts/latest. (bethesque 6 days ago)
  • 1cd36e6 - Changing to new /pacts/latest URL format (bethesque 6 days ago)
  • 54f8fc3 - Writing underlying code to find the latest pact for each consumer/provider pair. (bethesque 6 days ago)