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Pact University

Learn how Pact works through a series of purpose built videos, workshops and training material.

Whilst some of this material lives on the PactFlow University, the open source Pact Broker and all Pact open source tooling supports the material shown here


CourseFormatDescription \ FormatDuration
1. Introduction to Pact (Video series)VideoWe've created an introductory level video series on contract-testing to help you learn and understand what it's all about.40 minutes
2. Introduction to PactWorkshopHands-on lab1 - 2 hours
3. Pact CI/CD Workshop - hosted on PactFlow websiteWorkshopIntegrating Pact into a CI/CD pipeline (hands-on lab)~2 hours
4. Creating a Pact PluginWorkshopCreate, and publish your first Pact Plugin, for use in Pact projects~30min

Usage and License

We encourage you to use and re-use this material as needed. All material is provided under an MIT license unless explicitly stated otherwise.