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Allowed methods: GET, PATCH, DELETE

"Pacticipant" - a party that participates in a pact (ie. a Consumer or a Provider).

Creating pacticipants

Pacticipants are created automatically when a pact is published to the pact broker. The name is based on the URL components used to publish the pact (ie. /pacts/provider/$PROVIDER_NAME/consumer/$CONSUMER_NAME/version/$CONSUMER_VERSION), not on the contents of the pact, as the Pact Broker is designed to be agnostic of the actual pact format as much as possible.

Deleting pacticipants

Deleting a pacticipant will delete all associated pacts, versions, tags and webhooks. To delete a pacticipant, send a DELETE request to the relevant pacticipant URL via the HAL browser or any other HTTP client.

$ curl -X DELETE http://pact-broker/pacticipants/My%20Consumer