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Terraform Provider

If infrastructure as code is your thing, we have created a Terraform provider to automate some aspects of your Pact Broker setup.

Using the Provider

Here is a list of resources available for configuration:

PluginTypePlatform SupportDescription
PactProviderPact Broker + PactFlowConfigures a target Pact Broker (such as a account)
PacticipantResourcePact Broker + PactFlowCreate applications (known as Pacticipants)
WebhookResourcePact Broker + PactFlowConfigures a webhook to trigger on certain platform events
SecretResourcePactFlowCreate an encrypted secret for use in Webhooks
API TokenResourcePactFlowManage PactFlow API Tokens
UsersResourcePactFlowManage PactFlow Users
RolesResourcePactFlowManage PactFlow Roles
TeamsResourcePactFlowManage PactFlow Teams
Authentication SettingsResourcePactFlowManage PactFlow Authentication (Github, Google etc.)

Learn more at the official terraform registry