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Pagination of results is available for some endpoints used by the Pact Broker. These paginated responses can be used to programmatically load smaller subsections of the api results, in turn enabling improved performance and easier client side management of the data.

For endpoints that support pagination a paginated response can be retrieved using the following query parameters:

  • pageNumber=1
  • pageSize=100



Including one or both of these in the api call will result in a paginated response. Where only one parameter is included the other will use the default value specified above.

To retrieve the next or previous page of the paginated response use the URL provided in the response body under the _links section, labeled next or previous. The first page will not have a previous link, while the last page will not have a next link.

The recommended approach to iterate the full list of resources is to fetch the first page, then call the href of the next relation until there is no next relation returned.

"_links": {
"next": {
"href": "http://pact-broker/pacticipants?pageSize=100&pageNumber=2",
"title": "Next page"

Paginated endpoints

The following endpoints in the Pact Broker support pagination via the above query parameters:


Ordered Alphabetically by the Pacticipant name.

Pacticipant Versions

Ordered by date in reverse (most recent Pacticipant Version will be first).