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Create a Pact Plugin in an hour


Your favourite contract testing framework comes Pact with more power! The new Pact Plugin Framework completes the missing piece to help development teams apply contract testing across all of their API technologies and use cases.

In this hands-on workshop, you will create and run your first Pact Plugin to solve for use cases you previously couldn't.

We will:

  • Cover the key concepts and components of the Plugin Framework
  • Create a new Content Matcher to support a new MIME type
  • Publish and release your new Plugin to GitHub
  • Add it to a project and run a pact test


  • A GitHub account
  • Programming experience in a language such as Java, .NET, or Javascript

Whilst this is a 301 level lesson aimed at practitioners wanting to build a plugin, if you're not comfortable in an IDE, writing code and executing builds in CI, you can still play along with the instructors.


  • Session 1: Tues 13 Dec - 4pm EST; 1pm PST / Wed 14 Dec - 8am AEST
  • Session 2: Wed 14 Dec - 10am BST / Wed 14 Dec - 9pm AEST

Note: we will record these sessions and email them the following day.

Workshop Facilitators

Matt Fellows-B W-circle-200px

Matt Fellows - Core Maintainer at Pact and Principal Product Manager - PactFlow at SmartBear

Yousaf Nabi_B W-circle -200px

Yousaf Nabi - Core Maintainer & Community Shepherd at Pact and Developer Advocate - PactFlow at SmartBear