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Developers love Pact

Here's what engineers have to say about the problems you can solve using contract-testing and Pact

ITV Logo

"In 2016, ITV fulfilled over a billion on-demand TV requests to our 17 million registered users across 27 platforms. Pact Consumer Driven Contract testing has become an essential tool in our development pipeline to ensure our various back end systems, APIs and third party clients smoothly integrate with each other. Using Pact we have eliminated the need for tightly coupled integration test environments in favour of isolated micro-services that can be tested and deployed independently, safe in the knowledge that they honor the functionality expected of their consumers."

Daniel Oades, Principal Developer In Test, ITV

Poppulo Logo

"Poppulo's Internal Communications platform is used to reach more than 15 million employees around the world. When we transformed our architecture from monolith to microservices, Consumer-Driven Contracts helped us massively in testing service interactions across 100+ microservices, without relying on heavy (and sometimes brittle) full end-to-end environments. Pacts are also great conversation starters: they enabled better collaboration between teams, facilitating communications early on when designing and agreeing on new APIs."

Pierre - Infrastructure & Reliability Manager, Poppulo

John Lewis and Partners Logo

"It has given our team the confidence to remove the E2E tests we previously had ... we no longer have to rely on other services being available for our pipeline to remain green"

Jemma Wells - Product Engineer at John Lewis & Partners, specialising in Quality Assurance, John Lewis and Partners

Mastercard Logo

"Utilizing CDCs has alleviated our problem of API specification drift"

Tanya Heuiser - Lead Software Engineer with Mastercard Loyalty Solutions, Mastercard

Government Digital Services Logo

"Using contract testing has allowed us to ... be in a position to replace expensive end-to-end testing with pact testing"

Oswald Quek - GDS Developer, GDS

Atlassian Logo

They received immediate feedback in their tests when a breaking change was about to be made to the API implementation by validating against our API spec"

James Navin - Principal Developer, Atlassian, Atlassian


"they asked me to post a feature request on their Github issues. And they actually got around to it! I was very happy with the type of open communication their developers have"

Bernardo Guerreiro - DAZN, DAZN

"Bi-Directional Contract Testing makes it easier to verify API contracts, helps in early fault detection and enables more team involvement towards 'shift left' testing. We're now getting more value from PactFlow in terms of saving time maintaining end-to-end tests and being able to move faster."

Abhishek Yadav, Lead QA Engineer - Global Aviation Company

Pager Logo

"With bi-directional contract testing you're able to use contract testing without heavily relying on the consumer maintainers. Plus you can forget about having to support provider states for your consumers so that teams can be truly independent for their testing processes."

Juan Cruz - Senior Backend Engineer, Pager, Pager

IHS Markit Logo

On Bi-Directional Contract Testing

"Think of consumer driven contract testing, but also being able to run that flow from the provider end too! It allows for easier independent deployability, previously, I would have to test both consumer and provider at the same time, which creates a dependency on the provider codebase needing to be integrated into CI process, but with bi-directional contract testing I can test the integration easily and quickly in isolation."

Hunter Krieg - Principal Software Engineer, IHS Markit, IHS Markit