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πŸ”— End of year wrap up 2023

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Pact Almanac 2023​

Grab your hoverboard, and get prepared for another trip back to the future, with our round up of this years Pactivities in our seasonal Pact Almanac.


We had a raft of code features, patches, fixes and new projects added to the Pact-Foundation over the year. If you haven't read our monthly blog posts, you can read a round-up of the most significant changes from each month in there. Check out the side-bar to the left to view the older posts.

I've mainly focused on video content this time round, where you can find multiple advocates of Pact, spreading the word of not just how to do contract testing, but the why. I hope you'll enjoy them, be sure to like and comment on the videos, whether it's to show your appreciation or you just fancy a debate.

Oh, and if you are the debating type, why not join us in a fireside chat next year?

Anyhow, let see what each month has in store for us.


Kicking off the year, we introduce a blog post from eBay titled API Evolution Is a Challenge. Could Contract Testing Be the Solution? You can read it here


Diego Herrera introduced spoke at at EdinburghJS with a talk titled Testing services with Pact. Watch it here


Holly Cummins discusses how contract tests combine the lightness of unit tests with the confidence of integration tests, and should be part of your development toolkit. Watch it here


Lewis Prescott caught up with Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin (Authors of the famed Agile Testing book), where they talk about how to use holistic testing with microservices and contract testing. You can watch it here.


In this k6 Office Hours episode, Developer Advocates Marie Cruz (long time Pact friend) and Paul Balogh discuss what contract testing is, if schema testing is the same as contract testing, and how to do schema validation testing using Grafana k6. Check it out here


gRPC and Protobufs are increasing in popularity, however, there are multiple classes of problems that may result in API breaking changes. In this video, we show how you can apply contract testing to gRPC and Protobufs systems using Pact and its Plugin framework. Watch Matt, show a quick demo of it in action here


Dave Farley from Contiunuus Delivery explains why Contract Testing For Microservices IS A MUST, in his video here

For our Polish speaking friends, you can watch Jakub MaΕ‚yjasiak from Ocado Technology, talk about How Pact is more than just contracts and tests, here from a local meet up WrocΕ‚aw.


DPoint, helped demystify contract testing, in this video here, you can also see it in action with Spring Boot demos for both producers and consumers.


Ebay explains Consumer-Driven Contract Testing and how could they use it to improve testing their Microservice APIs with Pact? Watch their video where dive into the theory of Contract Testing, the potential benefits of using it, and some practical examples, here


It was Pact's 10th Birthday, and you can find your map to all the resources that came out of our month long celebration in this blog post.

LambdaTest spoke with Bas Djistrka about Solving the Integration Testing Puzzle with Contract Testing, as part of the Voices of Community series. You can watch it here


Matt Fellows spoke at Testing Talks Conference in Melbourne, where he provides a comprehensive guide to Pact. Watch it here


Angelo kicked off December with a tutorial showcasing interoperability with a PHP backend and JavaScript frontend powered by contract testing, watch it here

See you next year folks​

Thanks for everyone's efforts in using, promoting, and preaching about Pact to everyone you know, now its our time to repay the favour.

If you've done something great, and want to share it, get it listed - the site is open source and you can edit any page, we want to give you a platform to help amplify your voice!

Maybe there is time to get one last video/blog or PR in before crimbo! No, only joking, that’s a wrap for this year's Pact Open Source Almanac, pop your feet up, enjoy your puds and hope to see your name in the book next year.