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Pact is a tool for implementing "consumer driven contracts" - a technique for testing integrations without using traditional integration tests. It was first written at to help a team of developers escape the integration test hell of a rapidly expanding HTTP microservices network, and has since grown to become an open source project for contract testing in multiple languages and protocols.

Since its creation in 2013, Pact has come a long way. We're always adding new features in response to the feedback we get from our users and our own experience, but recently we've realised that we've done a poor job of letting everyone know about the awesome new things we've added along the way.

So, we've started as a place to let everyone know about new features in Pact, to share people's Pact experiences (good and bad!), and to help build a community of Pact users who can help each other. If you haven't already, please join us at, and if you'd like to contribute a post to our blog, chat to us on the #blog channel.