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CI/CD Systems


We aim to support testing locally on all platforms, as well as using automated CI scripts.

We suggest avoiding putting logic out of CI workflow yaml files and instead prefer shell files.

We believe it makes testing locally so much easier.

The workflow files should just contain code that wires the CI platform into your own scripts.

Because of this, you should find a script or scripts folder in the repo, with all the relevant commands, see other pact-foundation repos, if you are unsure.

For your particular repo, check the following

  • ./github/workflows folder for github action jobs
  • .cirrus.yml workflow for cirrus-ci jobs

Tested Platforms

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux

Tested Architectures

  • x86_64 / x64
  • arm64 / aarch64

CI Systems

We utilize a combination of

  • GitHub Actions
    • Windows x86_64
    • MacOS x86_64
    • Linux x86_64 / amd64
  • Cirrus-CI
    • MacOS arm64
    • MacOS x86_64 emulation via Rosetta
    • Linux arm64
    • Linux x86_64 / amd64

CI Testing Table

This is a CI testing table for pact-ruby-standalone - You should aim to try and cover as many as possible.

OSStandalone VersionArchitectureTested
OSXv2.0.0x86_64GitHub Actions
OSXv2.0.0aarch64 (arm)Cirrus CI
Linuxv2.0.0x86_64GitHub Actions
Linuxv2.0.0aarch64 (arm)Cirrus-CI
Windowsv2.0.0x86_64GitHub Actions
Windowsv2.0.0aarch64 (via x86 emulation)Untested

Running as the CI system locally

You should be able to run the steps shown in the CI workflows, from your local machine, however there are some additional options available to you

"Think globally, act locally"

There are a couple of ways, you can act as the CI system locally.

These will provide you the ability to run the following combinations.

OSCI SystemArchitectureToolNotes
LinuxGitHub Actionsx86_64actrequires docker
LinuxCirrus CIx86_64cirrus-clirequires docker or podman and x86_64 host
LinuxCirrus CIaarch64cirrus-clirequires docker or podman and aarch64 host
macOSCirrus CIaarch64cirrus-cli / tart.runrequires MacOS arm64 (M1/M2) host, can test with or without rosetta

Act notes

In any repo with a .github/workflows/*.yml file in, you can run

Running all the tasks



Reporting is pretty good out the box, if a little noisy, especially when running multi-matrix ubuntu tasks

Running a single workflow

act -W .github/workflows/x-plat.yml

Running a single job

act -W --job build_linux

Passing in custom env vars
Passing in secrets

act -s DOCKER_HUB_USERNAME=pactfoundation -s DOCKER_HUB_TOKEN=i<3Pact

Using docker-compose inside a workflow

The base act image, doesn't have docker-compose in it, you can install it conditionally, using this action

- uses: KengoTODA/actions-setup-docker-compose@v1
if: ${{ env.ACT }}
name: Install `docker-compose` for use with
version: '2.15.1'
  1. non x86_64 / amd64 hosts will need to pass the --container-architecture linux/amd64 flag when running act
  2. sometimes you get zombie containers that need killing.
  3. not everything works, so sometimes it justs worth pushing the code to CI

Cirrus CLI notes

See for instructions on how to download the tool

Note: Cirrus CLI only supports Linux container and macos_instance VMs at the moment.

In any repo with a .cirrus.yml file in, you can run

Running all the tasks

cirrus run


By default, you are shown stdout but it is swallowed as each step passes. I would recommend using the --output github-actions command

cirrus run --output github-actions

Running a single task

cirrus run "linux_arm64" --output github-actions

Passing in custom env vars

cirrus run "builder_ruby_source_linux" --output github-actions -e CIRRUS_CHANGE_TITLE="ci(cirrus): builder_ruby_source_linux"

Load a dockerfile as an environment

Note: Linux runners support the Dockerfile as a CI environment feature.

dockerfile: Dockerfile.alpine.arm64
Placeholders / Templating

We want to avoid repeating ourselves in our scripts, so we can use templates. Based on the dockerfile as an environment scenario above.

This allows us to reuse our tasks across cirrus-ci, and ideally run the same scripts in both GitHub Actions and Cirrus-CI, remembering our golden rule

The workflow files should just contain code that wires the CI platform into your own scripts.

test_script: uname -a && pact-mock-service --help
  1. You'll need at least 50gb to 100gb to run macOS instance tests locally, as they pull down a ventura virtual machine
  2. If you get stuck on the steps for CI, you can boot a virtual macOS or linux machine, perform all the steps you need, test them out, then script them up