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Case Studies

We have some great case studies covering the use of Pact, just click on a logo to take you a post!


"By utilizing contract testing, we can establish a systematic workflow to make the process enforceable and detect compatibility issues early."

"Contract testing promotes the idea of isolated unit tests against the integration point based on a predefined contract rather than a real end-to-end interaction, making it comparatively fast and stable."

"We believe contract testing is valuable for testing integration points in microservices architecture and can help evolve services with confidence."

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Gov.UK Pay

"By switching to contract testing we now have confidence that any service we deploy will always be compatible with the things it needs to connect with"

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Atlassian: Jira

"A project with a tight deadline (8 weeks), external customers, and a lot of "unknown unknowns", led us to one overarching driver: we needed to move quickly, and iterate on our API fast as we received feedback from our external customers. The team moved to a specification-first approach, meaning APIs were documented, codified in tests and shared with all parties."

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Others talking about their use of Pact

You can see a list community articles here, but here is a selection of companies talking about their use of Pact in the wild

Mastercard (finance)

Consumer-Driven Contracts to the Rescue

Mastercard Logo (consumer)

Your Contract Tests Are Not Protecting You - Proper API testing beyond the data pact Logo

ASOS (retail)

Contract Tests vs Functional Tests in a World of Squads

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John Lewis (retail)

Consumer Driven Contract Testing — A scalable testing strategy for Microservices

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IBM (tech)

Contract-driven testing - When you can't test the real interaction between microservices, you can test it in a simulated way by using contract-driven testing.

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Contentful (tech)

Contract Testing from the Trenches - Enrique Amodeo and Sergiy Tupchiy

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Die Mobiliar (Insurance)

How to set up Pact tests with Angular & Jest

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PactFlow case studies

We also have case studies about PactFlow - you might be interested to read how these PactFlow customers transitions from the Pact Open Source Pact Broker to PactFlow.

Boost Insurance

Boost Insurance sees 80% increase in service stability with PactFlow contract testing.

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M1 Finance

How hypergrowth FinTech, M1 Finance rapidly rolled out contract testing with PactFlow.

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