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Recipes and pre-built integrations to test common scenarios in Pact

GraphQLStrategies for testing GraphQL endpoints (example with Apollo)
API GatewayStrategies for dealing with API Gateways, such as AWS API Gateway, Kong etc.
AWS Signed RequestsHow to test services AWS services that use signed requests
Lambda/FaaS (Asynchronous)How to write contract tests for asynchronous lambda functions / FaaS
Lambda (HTTP)How to write contract tests for HTTP based lambdas with AWS SAM
ELT processes / file transfersHow to use Message Pact to test JSON file transfers to S3, Dynamo
CypressBest practices for integrating Pact with Cypress, and converting your cypress cy.route() / cy.intercept() calls into pact files
MSWLibrary for integrating MSW with Pact
NestJSLibrary for integrating Pact with NestJS
KafkaHow to test Kafka messages with Pact
JestA Pact adaptor for to allow you to easily run tests with Jest
MochaA Pact adaptor for to allow you to easily run tests with Mocha
MUnit (Mule4) with PactHow to use Pact for testing MuleSoft (Mule 4) APIs with MUnit