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Further reading

Talks and Presentations

Check out this talk about Pact and the slides below from one of the Pact authors for an introduction.

Consumer-Driven Contracts with Pact (Sydney API Days 2015) from Beth Skurrie

For a JVM specific talk, Deploy with Confidence! was presented at the April meet-up of MelbJVM and at the June meet-up of Melbourne Microservices. Slides for the talk can be found here.

For a great explanation of consumer-driven contracts (and Pact!), check out this talk from Atlassian at their 2016 summit: Verifying Microservice Integrations with Contract Testing.

Hear how Soundcloud "Move Fast and Consumer-Driven-Contract-Testing Things" in their talk from MicroXchg 2017.


Introductory articles

Getting Help

You can get help on Pact from the following channels: