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Hands on learning

Video Training

Introduction to Pact (via PactFlow)

Watch the introduction to contract testing with Pact series on Youtube.


Test Automation University

A great starting point is this Contract Testing With Pact course published on Test Automation University


A step by step guide using Pact JS & Pact .NET Introduction to Contract Testing course published on Udemy

Pact workshops - from 0 to Pact in ~2 hours

These hands-on labs walk you through an example problem from start to finish, exploring most concepts that Pact supports.


We have created a number of example projects that you can use as references for your rolling out your contract-testing initiatives.

All examples can be found over at


LanguageUse CaseFramework/TechDescription
JS/NodeJSWebReactReact JS website relying on a Products API
JS/NodeJSWebCypressExample demonstrating how Cypress could be used to generate consumer pacts
JS/NodeJSAWS/SNS/MessagesSNS LambdaAWS Lambda SNS Consumer
JavaMessagesKafkaJava Kafka consumer
NodeJSMessagesKafkaNodeJS Kafka consumer
JavaSOAP JavaJavaSOAP API consumer (note: only compatible with the SOAP provider)
.NETAPI .NET.NET Products API consumer
GolangAPIGolangGo API Client


LanguageUse CaseFramework/TechDescription
JS/NodeJSAPIExpress JSExpressJS API provider
JS/NodeJSAWS/SNS/MessagesExpressJS / AWS SNSreadme)AWS Lambda SNS Provider
JavaAPISpring BootJava Spring Boot API provider
JavaMessagesKafkaJava Kafka message provider
JavaSOAPJavaJava SOAP API provider (note: only compatible with the SOAP consumer)
GolangAPIGolangGin API Provider