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Learning Objectives

If running this as a team workshop format, you may want to take a look through the learning objectives, its a big list.

Don't worry, we will recap each one as you move through the steps. Scoll down, and click requirements to move to the next section.

Learning Outcomes

StepTitleConcept CoveredLearning objectivesFurther Reading
step 1Create our consumer before the Provider API even existsConsumer-driven design
  • Understand use case
step 2Write a unit test for our consumer-
  • How to write a basic unit test for an HTTP Client
  • Understand how a unit test is unable to catch certain integration issues
step 3Write a Pact test for our consumerConsumer side pact test
  • Understand basic Consumer-side Pact concepts
  • Understand "Matchers" to avoid test data brittleness
  • Demonstrate that Pact tests are able to catch a class of integration problems
step 4Verify the consumer pact with the Provider APIProvider side pact test
  • Understand basic Provider-side Pact concepts
  • Place provider side testing in a broader testing context (e.g. where it fits on the pyramid)
step 5Fix the consumer's bad assumptions about the ProviderHumans talking to humans (collaboration)
  • Understand that a tool facilitates collaboration, it doesn't replace it
step 6Write a pact test for 404 (missing User) in consumerTesting API invariants
  • Understand how we can test "stateful" APIs without having to create complex, sequential API calls
step 7Update API to handle 404 caseProvider States
  • How Pact deals with "stateful" interactions, via the concept of "Provider States"
step 8Write a pact test for the 401 caseTesting authenticated APIs
  • Service evolution - adding a new feature
step 9Update API to handle 401 caseService evolution
  • Understand the challenge of dealing with complex/dynamic data, such as time-bound authentication tokens
step 10Fix the provider to support the 401 caseRequest filters
  • Understand Pact's approach to dealing with complex/dynamic data, such as time-bound authentication tokens
step 11Implement a broker workflow for integration with CI/CDAutomation
  • Understand how to use Pact in a CI and CD workflow
step 12Simulate Broker WebhooksAutomation
  • Understand how webhooks can fully automate the CI/CD process for all the applications that use the Pact Broker, ensuring both sides of the contract are fulfilled before deploying
step 13Integrate with a PactFlow authenticated brokerAutomation
  • Understand how to use PactFlow tokens with your existing Pact setup