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1. Overview

In the scenario, you will create, publish and use your first Pact Plugin.

We will use a templated project that you can use, to help reduce the amount of boilerplate required to write your Plugin.

The course is written in Golang, however, extensive experience with the language will not be required for the workshop.

Workshop Prerequisites

  • Have a GitHub account and be logged in to it


You will:

  1. Understand the basics of the Pact Plugin framework
  2. Learn the basics of plugins by creating a simple Content Matcher plugin
  3. Publish the plugin to GitHub so that it can be used by others
  4. Use the plugin in a project

Ways you can run it

  1. You can follow this course by clicking on the steps on the bottom right, of each page. You will be instructed to perform some commands on your local machine.
  2. You can run the entire workshop, from the comfort of your browser, in our interactive tutorials