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Upgrading to 10.x

We have migrated from the pact-ruby core, to the pact-reference(rust) core.

This migrates from a CLI driven process for the Pact Framework, to an FFI process based framework.

  • Pre-requisites

    • PHP 8.x +
    • PHP FFI Extension installed
  • Environment Variables

    • These environment variables are no longer required can be removed:
      • PACT_CORS
  • Consumer

    • The PhpPact\Consumer\Listener\PactTestListener listener should be removed from your phpunit config
    • Default Pact file write mode has been changed from 'overwrite' to 'merge'. Make sure old pact files are removed before running tests.
    rm /path/to/pacts/*.json
    • Pact files now can ONLY be uploaded to Pact Broker by downloading and running Pact CLI manually.
    pact-broker publish /path/to/pacts/*.json --consumer-app-version 1.0.0 --branch main --broker-base-url --broker-token SomeToken
  • Verifier

    • $config->setProviderName("providerName") is now available via $config->getProviderInfo()->setName("backend")
      • This is further chainable with the following options:-
        • ->setHost('localhost')
        • ->setPort('8080')
        • ->setScheme('http')
        • ->setPath('/')
    • Different pacts sources can be configured via addXxx methods
      • NB:- You must add at least one source, otherwise the verifier will pass, but not verify any Pact files.
      • Types:-
        • addUrl - Verify Provider by Pact Url retrieved by Broker (Webhooks)
        • addBroker Verify Provider by dynamically fetched Pacts (Provider change)
        • addFile / addDir - Verify Provider by local file or directory

    Example Usage:

         $config = new VerifierConfig();

    if ($isCi = getenv('CI')) {
    $publishOptions = new PublishOptions();
    ->setProviderVersion(exec('git rev-parse --short HEAD'))
    ->setProviderBranch(exec('git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD'));

    $broker = new Broker();
    $verifier = new Verifier($config);

    // 1. verify with a broker, but using a pact url to verify a specific pact
    // PACT_URL=http://localhost:9292/pacts/provider/personProvider/consumer/personConsumer/latest
    if ($pact_url = getenv('PACT_URL')) {
    $url = new Url();
    $url->setUrl(new Uri($pact_url));
    // 2. verify files from local directory or file
    // results will not be published
    else if ($pactDir = getenv('PACT_DIR')) {
    } else if ($pactFile = getenv('PACT_FILE')) {
    } else {
    // 2. verify with broker by fetching dynamic pacts (with consumer version selectors)
    // if you don't setConsumerVersionSelectors then it will fetch the latest pact for the named provider
    if ($pactBrokerBaseUrl = getenv('PACT_BROKER_BASE_URL')) {
    $broker->setUrl(new Uri($pactBrokerBaseUrl));
    } else {
    $broker->setUrl(new Uri('http://localhost:9292'));
    // we need to set the provider branch here for PactBrokerWithDynamicConfiguration
    // as $publishOptions->setProviderBranch value set above isn't used.
    $broker->setProviderBranch(exec('git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD'));
    $selectors = (new ConsumerVersionSelectors())
    ->addSelector(new Selector(mainBranch: true))
    ->addSelector(new Selector(deployedOrReleased: true));
   $verifyResult = $verifier->verify();


- Stub Server

- No longer defaults to port 7201, picks free port at random.
- `PhpPact\Standalone\StubService\Service\StubServerHttpService` is no longer available. Guzzle can be used to request to stub server directly:

$client = new \GuzzleHttp\Client();
$response = $client->get($this->config->getBaseUri() . '/' . $endpoint);
echo $response->getBody();

Examples of Additional Features now possible