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Here we can find common issues and how to solve them.

Bodies match and only differ by whitespace/formatting#

An example error might look like this:

1) Verifying a pact between service-one and service-two Given User traffic exists for the current month A request for all traffic for the current month with GET /v1/traffic/usage/json returns a response which has a matching body
Failure/Error: expect(response_body).to match_term expected_response_body, diff_options
Actual: [{"org":"a6df0d8e-916b-4998-ac6e-149b299e2c9f","usage":12345}]
@@ -1,7 +1,2 @@
- {
- "org": "a6df0d8e-916b-4998-ac6e-149b299e2c9f",
- "usage": 12345
- },
Key: - means "expected, but was not found".
+ means "actual, should not be found".
Values where the expected matches the actual are not shown.
# /usr/local/bin/pact-provider-verifier/lib/app/pact-provider-verifier.rb:3:in `<main>'
Finished in 0.0183 seconds
2 examples, 1 failure

The problem is that there is no Content-Type being sent through to inform the underlying validation library how to compare requests/response. In this case, it defaults to text/plain which is sensitive to differences.

You likely want application/json or similar, to compare JSON payloads e.g.

Status: 200,
Headers: map[string]string{
"Content-Type": "application/json; charset=utf-8",
Body: `[{
"org": "a6df0d8e-916b-4998-ac6e-149b299e2c9f",
"usage": 12345

See for background.

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