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Pact-C++ Build

C++ implementation of the consumer driven contract library pact.

From the Ruby Pact website:

Define a pact between service consumers and providers, enabling "consumer driven contract" testing.

Pact provides an RSpec DSL for service consumers to define the HTTP requests they will make to a service provider and the HTTP responses they expect back. These expectations are used in the consumers specs to provide a mock service provider. The interactions are recorded, and played back in the service provider specs to ensure the service provider actually does provide the response the consumer expects.

This allows testing of both sides of an integration point using fast unit tests.

This gem is inspired by the concept of "Consumer driven contracts". See for more information.

Read Getting started with Pact for more information on how to get going.



Consumer Tests#

The support for consumer tests is documented in consumer.

For an example for the consumer test DSL, have a look at consumer_test.cpp.

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