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Often times, you'll want to use Docker to run Pact. For example, a common approach is to run all CI builds within a docker container. This guide offers some assistance in those wanting to pursue this path.

Docker Images#

Images from the "pactfoundation" repository can be considered official:

Alpine Linux#

Many teams choose to use Alpine Linux due to its tiny footprint, and smaller security surface area.

For Pact implementations that leverage the underlying Ruby binary for their implementation, you'll need to ensure the following dependencies are met:

  • Bash (it's not enough to have Ash)
  • Standard CAs for TLS network communication
  • glibc

NOTE: You do not need to install Ruby (unless of course your code is a Ruby app). The distribution takes care of this for you.

Reference Image#

Here is an example NodeJS container that can be used as a reference to create a working container for your example:

FROM node:8-alpine
RUN apk add --no-cache --virtual build-dependencies build-base
RUN apk --no-cache add ca-certificates wget bash \
&& wget -q -O /etc/apk/keys/ \
&& wget \
&& apk add glibc-2.29-r0.apk
COPY package*.json /app/
RUN npm install
COPY . /app/
RUN npm test
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