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How to see what has changed in a pact

Most recent change#

To see the most recent change to a pact (eg. to determine why a provider verification has failed):

  1. Paste the pact url into your browser. This will bring up a HTML view of the pact.
  2. Click the HAL browser link to open the pact up in the HAL browser.
  3. Click the GET button for the link named "Diff with previous distinct version of this pact"

  1. You will see a resource describing the last changes that were made to the pact.

Two arbitrary pacts#

  1. Open both of the pacts in the API browser (open them in the Pact Broker/Pactflow, then click on the "API" button/link).
  2. On one of them, scroll down to the pb:diff relation. Click on the green ? button for that relation.
  3. Go to the other pact, and copy the SHA that you'll see next to the pb:pact-version relation.
  4. Enter that in the pactVersion value in the form. Click Follow URI.
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