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Provider verification badges

See the the Badges section of the configuration page for information about accessing the badges.

If you are publishing Provider verification results to your Pact Broker (v2.3.0+), you can also display the verification status in your READMEs using a shiny badge like this one:

Pact Status

Can I Deploy badge#

Can I Deploy Status

Requires version 2.62+ of the Pact Broker.

Returns a status badge that can be displayed in a README file that indicates whether the specified version of a pacticipant can be deployed to the specified environment.

[![Can I deploy Foo status](https://your-broker/pacticipants/PACTICIPANT/latest-version/TAG/can-i-deploy/to/ENVIRIONMENT_TAG/badge)](https://your-broker/pacticipants/PACTICIPANT/latest-version/TAG/can-i-deploy/to/ENVIRIONMENT_TAG)

To set a custom label for the badge, set the label query parameter. eg ?label=my+custom+label+here.

Specific consumer/provider badge#

Quick start#

To get your badge, open the HTML version of your /latest, /latest/TAG or /latest-untagged pact in the Pact Broker by copy/pasting its URL into your browser location bar. Your badge will be shown in the top right of the page. When you click on it, a text box will appear with the markdown to include in your README.

Advanced usage#

Without tags, or with only Consumer tags.#

The URL of the badge is the URL of the latest pact with /badge.svg appended, and it works for the /latest/TAG and /latest-untagged pact URLs as well

  • Latest pact badge: https://your-broker/pacts/provider/PROVIDER/consumer/CONSUMER/latest/badge.svg
  • Latest tagged pact badge: https://your-broker/pacts/provider/PROVIDER/consumer/CONSUMER/latest/TAG/badge.svg
  • Latest un-tagged pact badge: https://your-broker/pacts/provider/PROVIDER/consumer/CONSUMER/latest-untagged/badge.svg)

The markdown to include in your README is as follows:

[![Foo/Bar Pact Status](https://your-broker/pacts/provider/PROVIDER/consumer/CONSUMER/latest/badge.svg)](https://your-broker)

For example:

[![Foo/Bar Pact Status](](

With consumer and provider tags#

Available in version v2.13.0+ of the Pact Broker gem.

If you are using tags for both the consumer and provider versions (this is recommended by the way!) the badge URL will be a little different. The format is:



Pact Status

If your consumer and provider name make your badge too long to be aesthetically pleasing, you can shorten it in the following ways.

  • Show just the consumer or provider name by adding ?label=consumer or ?label=provider to the end of the URL.

    Pact Status

  • Use the pacticipant's initials by adding ?initials=true

    Pact Status

  • Use both the label and the initials params to show only the initials of the consumer or provider.

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