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Creating pacts

With RSpec#

Follow the instructions in the README, this is the default behaviour.

Configuration of the pact creation#

This code would typically go in the pact_helper.rb, which would be required by the files that contain the RSpec Pact specs.

Pact.service_consumer "consumer name" do
has_pact_with "provider name" do
mock_service :provider_name do
port 1234
host "..." # Optional, defaults to "localhost". Useful when using a standalone mock service.
standalone false # Optional. If true, does not automatically start a mock service
# You must start/stop the mock service manually.

With Capybara#

Configure your Rack application to be started by Pact, and tell it what port to run on.

Pact.service_consumer "My Consumer" do
app your_rack_app
port 8001
has_pact_with "My Provider" do

With Minitest#

Use pact-consumer-minitest.

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